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Where to meet Swiss call girls who offer sex in Zurich?


If you found this article, you are probably looking for some company. You may be passing through Switzerland (holidays, business, etc.) and would like this lady to be preferably Swiss in order to give you a little change of scenery. If you do not speak German, French or Italian, you would appreciate it if she could speak English and ideally, if she could be based in a big Swiss city, that would certainly be more convenient for you. But where can you find these Swiss call girls when you are looking for a little sex in Zurich or a simple moment of relaxation?


Who are the Swiss call girls?

When we talk about Swiss call girls, we generally refer to girls who were born and raised in Switzerland or to those who have lived there for a very long time and who hold a Swiss passport. Did you know that 95% of call girls in Switzerland are foreigners? These escort girls mainly work and offer sex in Zurich. They come from all corners of the European continent: from Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic Hungary...), from Western Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Italy... ), but also from more distant countries like Brazil or Thailand. In the city of Zurich, for example, only one in seven Swiss call girls holds a Swiss passport. Therefore, meeting Swiss call girls when you are in Switzerland for just a few days and looking for some sex in Zurich for example, is not easy. Unless you are well informed, have come across the right website or have been lucky enough to get a recommendation, finding Swiss call girls in Switzerland is a bit like looking for a needle in a boot hay...


Where do Swiss call girls mainly work?

Given that Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, you will of course find Swiss call girls offering sex in Zurich but also in Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne or even Basel. On the other hand, it is very common for native Swiss call girls to work more in medium-sized towns or even in small towns which are not at all touristy. Given that there are fewer of them in this profession than their foreign counterparts, Swiss call girls who grew up in Switzerland and who have the Swiss mentality are very popular with local customers. Indeed, cultural and language barriers fall and make interaction much more fluid, from the first contact. A client from Lausanne who does not speak English well will appreciate being able to chat with Swiss call girls whose mother tongue is French. Just as for a Swiss client looking for sex in Zurich and whose mother tongue is Swiss German, will generally prefer to be able to express themselves in their mother tongue (very difficult to learn and speak correctly when you have not grown up in the German part of Switzerland), especially if he is not comfortable with other languages and if he is looking for a long GFE appointment, hence sex but also lot of conversation.

Like many other non-Swiss escort girls, some Swiss call girls work in erotic studios, Gentlemen's Clubs and Swiss brothels. The vast majority have decided to work as an independent escort. So, you will find Swiss call girls mainly on these kinds of platforms, where one does not only find girls who offer sex in Zurich but also international escort girls travelling to Switzerland and of course Swiss call girls who offer companionship in other Swiss cities too (not just Zurich).

Many Swiss call girls are also available for Incalls or Outcalls. For the vast majority of them, Outcalls services are popular and appreciated. Generally, traveling between 30 minutes and an hour for a long date with a client does is not a problem for them. Therefore, if you have spotted Swiss call girls that you like, do not hesitate to contact them even if they do not seem to be available for sex in Zurich because you might be surprised by their enthusiasm and their availability to come and meet you at your place or your hotel.


Do Swiss call girls speak English?

Many Swiss call girls are comfortable speaking English, particularly in urban areas and among younger generation. But do not assume that all Swiss call girls can hold a conversation in English. In fact, depending on their region and upbringing, some of them have very limited exposure to English and will be able to understand the language but not to speak it to the point of having a fluent conversation with a client.

This being said, if you do not speak German, English or Italian (three of the four Swiss national languages), make sure that among the Swiss call girls you intend to meet, one of them does speak English. To do this, do not take for granted what you may read in her description (many Swiss call girls do not always objectively evaluate their real level in foreign languages and this is also the case for escort girls in general), the message exchanged on WhatsApp, Telegram via email. Call her to be sure of her level of English. If discovering sex in Zurich is not the only criterion for you and being able to chat with the escort girl of your choice is also a very important factor, then do not gamble on this and make sure you have spoken to her on the telephone before confirming your appointment with her.


How much is the company of Swiss call girls?

Swiss call girls do not charge much more for time spent in their company than other escort girls. Their rates are generally in the mid-high end of the Swiss market and vary depending on several factors such as: where they work, the services they offer and their weekly availability.

If we take the example of Swiss call girls offering sex in Zurich, their rates are between 150 CHF and 200 CHF for half an hour, between 200 CHF and 250 CHF for 45min, between 250 CHF and 350 CHF for an hour, between 400 CHF and 450 CHF for 90 minutes and between 500 CHF and 600 CHF for a two-hour date. Usually, the longer the appointment, the more accommodating the rate.


To sum up

Bringing up rear, Swiss call girls can make you have a great time in complete privacy, as can non-Swiss escort girls. Indeed, the nationality or origin plays no role in the quality of a moment spent with an escort girl. However the chemistry, the girl’s experience in this industry and the context do play a big role.

On the other hand, if you really want to live the Swiss experience to the fullest while visiting the jewels of this country, find among the native Swiss call girls the one who best suits your personality and your expectations. She will know how to help you discover her country from in and out... ;-).


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