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Private girls: Who are the favorite clients of a Private Escort?


I am sure you have probably wondered -at least once-, how you could increase the odds of finally making that encounter with a beautiful private escort, a special moment for you, as well as for her.

Because dating a private escort is above all, going on a date with a girl. The main difference is that with a non-professional lady, you have no guaranty of ending up in her bed… Whereas with private girls, you usually know from the very beginning that it will happen, unless something disappointing (the private escort is not your type: she does not look like her pictures for example) or disturbing (for some reasons, the private girl does not seem to feel very comfortable in your company) happens.

So, how do you maximize your chances of a smooth date with private girls?
Here are a few tips that hopefully will make things a little bit easier for you Gentlemen! ;-)


Pre-book your appointment with a Private Escort

Spontaneous short-notice appointment requests might sound very exciting for you, but from a private escort’s point of view, they can be very stressful. When you call at 11:15am for an appointment 15 minutes later, expect most private girls to be slightly under pressure for the following reasons:

*  The private escort does not have enough time to get ready and look great (hair, lingerie, make up…). As a man, you should know that women need a lot of time for these kinds of things. More often than not, private girls who care about their reputation also care about the service they provide and ultimately, about how their look and how they want to be perceived by their clients.

The private escort might question your seriousness, which will affect negatively her first impression about you. Not seeing you as someone reliable may hinder the quality of service she will be willing to provide to you. If you make her feel like you are a “nobody” how can you expect the private escort to treat you like a King and provide you with the best service? Think about it for a minute…

The best is to email or call the private escort of your choice at least 24 hours ahead of time to secure your booking.


Confirming your booking with a Private Escort

Confirming your date at least 12 to 24 hours in advance is always very much appreciated by private girls. This way, they know you are well-meaning about that encounter and about coming to meet her for sure.

Before sending you the address of their Incall place, some private girls may ask you to reconfirm your presence one hour before the appointment. Don't be offended by so much protocol and follow the girl’s instructions in order to reassure her (the probability of meeting you is almost maximum) and also to reassure yourself (you are almost certain that you will not be traveling for nothing).


Bring a little treat to your Private Escort date

In addition to the donation, bring to your favorite private escort a little treat (chocolates, sweets, a bottle of wine, perfumed candles …). Remember that it does not have to be expensive. It should just come from the heart and believe me: a private escort lady loves this kind of special attention! She will truly appreciate it and the smile on her face will be a very good way to start your date! ;-)


Go for a long booking

You may not know it, but private girls prefer long bookings, - such as a Dinner Date for instance - and it is not only about the money! For many of them, having long-term repeat clients is very important. Building up a relationship (no matter the nature of that relationship) with the same returning customers is more important than seeing new Gentlemen all the time. To get to know each other, a 1-hour minimum booking with a private escort is highly recommended. A shorter booking does not give you the chance to make the best of that encounter: small talk, cuddling and flirting are part of any great GFE! Give yourself the chance to experience that!


Share your expectation with that Private Escort

The private escort you have chosen to spend time with should know about your expectations. Are you looking for a specific service? Does the chosen lady provide this type of service? Would you like to share your fantasy with her and maybe enact it? Then, do not be shy and let the private escort know about it during the pre-booking phase of the encounter or later before the date begins. This way, she can get everything prepared to fulfill your dreams and desires!

Choosing to share your expectations maximizes the chances that the date will go well and go your way. If you choose not to tell the private escort anything, in other words, not to help her understand you better, do not be disappointed if the service does not meet your expectations. It is true that the most experienced private girls have a very developed emotional intelligence and thanks to the touch, the look, the chemistry that takes place, can quickly understand what makes you feel good. However, not all private girls have these abilities, and the vast majority will therefore not be able to guess what you like unless you tell them...


Be respectful to Private Girls

Being kind, polite and respectful always pays off, no matter the circumstances. The more Gentlemanly you can be with a private escort, the higher your chances are of having her provide a good service in order to please you. Do not be rude and avoid asking personal questions. Do not take her for granted. Be as nice as possible and she will return the favor. ;-)


No tricks with the donation

It may be the most sensitive and annoying topic for the private girls:  having to remind you about her donation, also called: “Gift”.

To avoid any misunderstanding or uncomfortable situation, clear up the financial part of the date right at the very beginning of the encounter by placing your donation in an unsealed envelope on the table. The private escort will appreciate your gesture and will quickly be able to focus on your time together.

Make sure you placed the right amount in the envelope. You are welcome to be more generous than expected, but the lady should not feel offended by getting less than what was agreed on. And if nothing has been agreed, then use common sense: her prices are certainly clearly displayed on her website or in her advertisement.

Furthermore, if the first date with this private escort went well and you plan is to see her again, this clumsiness on your part could considerably cool her down and make your second date, certainly a pleasant visit but less good than the first time.


Let her know that you’ve enjoy it!

If you had a great time with a private escort, let her know it was great! Believe me, she also needs to feel reassured and told that the service she provided was memorable. The good private girls care about the well-being and the satisfaction of their clients. Sending her a short text, email or writing her a review may seem like little things, but they mean a lot to her.


Remember : it takes two to tango!

I hope I was able to guide you a bit on how to make the best of your date with a private escort.

Private girls who have chosen to work as independent escort girl do care about what they do and how they do it: show them you care about it too. :-)

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