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Sensual massage: The essential you need to know about Tantra massage


Did you know that Tantra massage is a sensual massage that had its roots in Indian esotericism over a thousand years ago, but that its modern version comes from Germany (Berlin to be precise) and dates back to the late 1970s? In the language of classical Hindu philosophy, the word “tantra” means “weave” or to “interweave”, drawing parallels with the interlacing of opposites, such as feminine and masculine energy, body and mind, and physical and spiritual ties.

In this article, we are going to explore in detail what Tantra massage is, so that even the most inexperienced of you will no longer hold any secrets about this sensual massage - which is more technical than it looks - and so that this information can best guide you if you are looking for a masseuse who specializes in Tantra massage. 

Throughout this article, the comments, experience, photos and the video of Dana, Tantra masseuse therapist, will guide us to better understand the ins and outs of the very technical aspects of the Tantra massage, which has been popular for many years in the sex industry.


What is a tantra massage?

A Tantra massage is a specific sensual massage technique whose aim is to enlighten the client by utilizing the sexual energy within the body thanks to touch. Combining traditional massage techniques with the spiritual principles of tantra, tantra massage can be considered as a form of sensual massage therapy.


What makes a tantra massage special?

According to Dana, the thing that makes Tantra massage very special is the fact that it is a holistic practice made to promote emotional, spiritual and physical well-being through the conscious and constant use of touch, breath, and energy. On top of the many benefits Tantra massage is offering, such as increasing relaxation and stress relief, improving body awareness and mind-body connection or enhancing sexual energy and intimacy, Tantra massage does mainly focuses on: sensual touch, breath work, energy work, spiritual connection and mindfulness. A client looking for a real Tantra massage will get the physical arousing but should also experience the emotional healing that a Tantra massage can offer. A Tantra massage is not solely about sex, but this sensual massage is also about spiritual growth and heightened consciousness.


Is Tantra massage an erotic massage?

To be able to status if Tantra massage is an erotic massage, it is important to first describe what is an erotic massage. An erotic massage can be defined as an intimate form of massage that build sexual energy and arousal, focuses on the erogenous zones of the body and whose purpose is to provoke sexual pleasure and/or orgasm.

Because it targets primary erogenous zones such as the mouth, the penis, the vagina and the anus through sensual touches, Tantra massage falls into the category of erotic massages although it is not entirely focused on sexual gratification. Touches given by the Tantra masseuse are mainly intended to awaken and circulate energy in every part of the client’s body, promoting relaxation, pleasure but also a higher state of awareness.

Like Nuru massage, Tantra massage is a sensual massage that has a very strong erotic dimension but does not make achieving orgasm or ejaculation as the number-one objective. Tantra massage aims to be more than a physical experience and marks a desire to create a deeper spiritual connection between a client and the Tantra massage therapist, creating a bubble of intimacy, trust and presence between the two.



Why is it so difficult to find a genuine Tantra masseuse/masseur?

Despite the thousands of advertisements and websites that you will find in Switzerland about Tantra massage, men and women specializing in Tantra massage are rare in Switzerland, especially in the sex industry. Dana is a certified Tantra massage therapist, and she believes that the confusion surrounding Tantra massage explains why real tantric masseuses and masseurs need more time to be found by their clientele, who often find themselves lost in a mirage of tantric masseuse ads, unable to distinguish between those who offer real tantra massage and those who only use the term to attract clients. In fact, in her opinion, sex workers (who do not want to offer a full GFE service but rather massages only as they still want to make good money in this field) have appropriated the term “Tantra Massage” because it sounds professional, serious and specialized (indeed, it is a fully-fledged technique that must be mastered to guarantee a quality service) and brings a certain legitimacy to their inexperience and lack of knowledge and massage technique. The customer is then tempted to give Tantra massage a try, and this leads to two results:


1. The client had a good time but received a pure erotic massage instead that had nothing to do with a Tantra massage and will leave with a false idea of what a Tantra massage really is. Dana tells us that this misconception negatively impacts the work of real Tantra massage therapists who then have more difficulty establishing themselves as specialists in their field of expertise.


2. The client is extremely disappointed because he knows what a Tantra massage entails and had unfortunately received a service that is the exact opposite of what it should have been.


So, as you may have understood by now, most sex workers know what a sensual massage is but have no idea what a Tantra massage is, let alone how it is performed. Some may have a vague idea of what it is all about, but for others, it is just a way of “looking serious” and attracting more clients, with the intention, once the client has booked an appointment, of offering them sexual services that have nothing to do with what they came for in the first place: experiencing a Tantra massage. Customers who are well-informed about Tantra massage can usually spot a real Tantra masseuse from the one who is bluffing, but the novice client will be fooled more than once, as long as he or she does not know what a Tantra massage is supposed to be. Although the term is on everyone's lips, not just anyone can give a good Tantra massage. Dana points out that it requires a certain type of personality, a natural inclination towards spirituality, a certain maturity of body and mind, massage technique/capability and a lot of experience.

Have you spotted an ad and have doubts about this lady's Tantra massage skills? Ask her a few specific questions about Tantra massage and see how she responds. The quality, spontaneity and fluidity of her answers will be the first indicators that will help you decide whether, or not to visit her for a sensual massage.


What skills a Tantra massage specialist should possess?

To ensure to provide a safe, respectful, and effective experience for her clients, Dana - who has always been a spiritual person - started by educating herself and getting knowledgeable about Tantra, understanding its philosophy and practices (energy work, meditation and the spiritual aspect of it).

Participating in workshops (which generally take place over one or two days) on Tantra massage is a strict minimum for launching into the profession. Obtaining a certificate is a step further demonstrating more involvement on the part of the masseuse and her true intention in specializing in this very unique sensual massage. According to Dana, the best is to get trained in India, the thousand-year-old cradle of tantric massage.

Given that at the date of publication of this article there is no certification in Tantra massage recognized at the cantonal or national level in Switzerland, one should be even more vigilant with regard to the training one decides to follow because it gives no guarantee on the quality of the education delivered.

Then, Dana had the urge to improve her sensual massage technique. It is very important to specify that Tantra massage is first and foremost a massage. The girl who offers this service MUST know how to massage professionally, because that is the bottom line. She must be proficient in various massage techniques, including of course, those specific to Tantra, characterized by gentle, slow, sensual movements. Then, as in all professions, once you have been trained in Tantra massage, it is essential to engage in ongoing training and practice to hone your skills and keep abreast of new techniques and knowledge in the field.

Although not essential, a minimum knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is recommended to guarantee the client a safe and effective massage.

Dana also teaches us that being able to communicate both verbally and non-verbally is crucial to understanding each client's needs, explaining gestures clearly and ensuring the comfort and consent of the client who, depending on his or her background and education, will have a different perspective to sensitivity, touch and intimacy.

Emotional intelligence and mindfulness and presence are key to any Tantra massage. They are skills that one cannot fake. Emotional intelligence requires a high level of empathy and sensitivity to handle client's emotional responses and boundaries suitably. Moreover, if a person offers a Tantra massage but has no ability to remain fully present and mindful during the session to create a focused and calming environment, then you can be sure that, this person is not a Tantra massage professional.

Finally, although it may seem obvious, it is clear, that a Tantra masseuse must demonstrate professionalism in her attitude, respecting her boundaries and those of her clients, and adhering to ethical guidelines. The place where she receives her customers should obviously be quiet, clean and safe, and suitable for offering a Tantra massage service. As a customer, when you go to see a girl who offers a Tantra massage service, pay attention to the environment she offers: you will immediately feel whether you are at the right address or not. 

Many Tantra massage specialists will confirm that the ability to offer a transformative sensual massage experience for their clients, involves a series of skills, that collectively contribute to a successful Tantra massage service.



As a client, should I be experienced in Tantra to enjoy a Tantra massage?

It is not a must to be experienced in Tantra to enjoy all the benefits of a Tantra massage. However, if you know a bit about it, it can prevent you from falling into the trap of a “fake tantra masseuse/masseur”.

But rest reassured, a Tantra massage is designed both for beginners and experienced clients and no prior knowledge or training in Tantra is required before booking a Tantra massage session. The right masseuse/masseur will guide you at your own pace and comfort. She/He will create a judgement-free space for you to relax, relief mental blockages, help you facilitate your personal exploration.

Although a Tantra massage has a spiritual dimension, it has nothing to do with religion. The technique wants to help you embracing your sensuality, and connecting your physical, spiritual and energetic aspects of that self-discovery journey.


How does a Tantra massage session go?

First of all, any candidate for a Tantra massage must understand that a session of between 1h and 2h for this sensual massage is necessary to complete proper relaxation and energy flow. However, practitioners renowned for their tantric massage generally do not offer sessions shorter than 90 minutes, which is considered the minimum recommended duration for an authentic tantric experience.

While you are lying nude on a massage table, the Tantra massage specialist remains clothed and uses only her hands and arms to massage you. To have you relax and build trust, the sensual massage will start with full-body strokes and gentle touch, that will increasingly become more sensual, compelling all erogenous zones along with the genitals, aiming to awaken your sexual energy. The atmosphere is peaceful, pleasant, enhanced by the presence of candles. Tantra massage is generally practiced using massage oils.

Remember that during a Tantra massage session, nothing is mandatory and if you ever feel uncomfortable having your genital area massaged, the Tantra massage therapist will respect your choice and can exclude that part of the massage, at your convenience.  Her sole intention is to create a safe, nurturing environment and for that, she will go at your peace making sure you feel respected all along. An experienced Tantra massage therapist will encourage communication for you to stay in control of the boundaries while deeply feeling your sensations and achieving a meditative, blissful state of consciousness. Although it is not the primary aim, many gentlemen will experience full-body orgasms and/or energy release.


How much does a Tantra massage cost?

Note that a Tantra massage is generally more expensive than a classic massage or a traditional erotic massage. In fact, in the majority of cases, it even costs more than an hour in the company of an escort girl. In Switzerland, the cost of a Tantra massage varies significantly depending on various parameters such as the city, the duration, the location, the services included (the masseuse can personalize her service by offering, for example, prostate massage or lingam massage), the amenities offered, how experienced and knowledgeable the masseuse/masseur is, and whether the Tantra massage is for an individual or for a couple.

For a one-on-one session with a Tantra masseuse, expect to spend between 300 CHF and 450 CHF for one hour and between 400 CHF and 550 for 90/120 min. 

For a couple session (the client is coming to the massage session together with his/her partner), plan a budget of between 400 CHF and 550 CHF for a one-hour session, rising to 600-700 CHF for a 90/120 min session.

Since this is an expensive sensual massage experience, make sure you clarify the question of the rate and the details attached to it before confirming your appointment with the Tantra masseuse.


Can a Tantra massage be provided by an escort girl?

As you may have read in one of the previous paragraphs, the vast majority of Escort girls do not offer Tantra massage for a simple reason: they specialize other types of services. Just like the Tantra masseuse knows how to do a sensual massage but probably would not be able to make you feel like if she was your girlfriend. These are two very different professions with different goals and attracting different customers. This is why, if you are a novice looking for a Tantra masseuse, in order to better guide your choice and avoid confusion, prefer a girl who only does massages.

If you are no longer a beginner in Tantra and can quickly tell the experienced masseuse from the not-so, it will not matter whether this lady is also an escort girl. The main thing is that she knows how to separate the two types of services, in which she has gathered a lot of experience.

In the company of an escort girl, the time spent with her is a mixture of conversation, intimacy and sexual intercourse. With the Tantra massage specialist, you will not have sexual intercourse, you will not kiss her, you will not satisfy your fantasies and her touch will be spiritual and non-sexual. With the escort girl, the goal is to reach orgasm while with the Tantric masseuse, the goal is to bring your body and your mind into symbiosis thanks to the blossoming of your sexual energy (which may, or not, lead to orgasm). With the escort girl, you are almost certain to be naked and to see her naked too. Tantra massage is generally not practiced naked (in most cases the masseuse will not fully undress, although the client may be naked or partially dressed). Do you understand the nuance?


Where to find a Tantra massage specialist in Zurich/Switzerland?

Tantra massage can be offered to you in specialized spaces offering mainly erotic and sensual massages. There are many of them in Zurich and throughout Switzerland. Favor those who have a website and/or feedback which will give you an indication of the legitimacy of the place.

Tantra massage services can also be found in some Spas in Zurich.

A few erotic studios (establishments for paid sex) will also advertise as offering Tantra massages, but you will need to be vigilant about the quality of the service offered. More often than not, the massages provided are erotic (sensual massages) but not tantric! Indeed, a Tantra massage is a sensual massage, but a sensual massage is not necessarily a Tantra massage.

Finally, there are more and more independent masseuses in Switzerland such as Dana, who specialize in Tantra massage and represent the preferred option for men who are also looking for discretion and anonymity.


Why is Tantra massage not for everyone?

Despite all the beneficial aspects that a Tantra massage can provide, if the process is not understood properly by the client, it can lead to an unpleasant and unproductive experience. There are many key reasons why Tantra massage is not right for some people. Here are three, considered the most important:


Lack of understanding and expectations

Some people think that Tantra massage is a simple erotic and/or sensual massage with the ultimate goal of sexual gratification. This prejudice prevents them from understanding that authentic Tantra massage has a deeper spiritual and therapeutic scope, based on the awakening of sexual energy and the encounter with oneself. An authentic tantra massage experience requires that the client is willing to work with their sexual energy in a spiritual and meditative way, not just seeking physical pleasure or ejaculation (expectation that can be met by booking an appointment with an independent escort girl). A purely physical approach misses the essential point of Tantra massage. The client who books a tantric massage session and who does not understand this fundamental notion of Tantra massage experiences a misalignment of expectations that often lead to negative experiences.


Emotional unreadiness

If you are going through a very stressful time, are suffering heavily from unresolved trauma, or are emotionally unstable, you may not be ready for a sensual massage of this type. Indeed, Tantra massage involves working with intense energies and emotions.


Inappropriate boundaries/lack of content

If you have chosen your Tantra masseuse correctly, she should know how to clearly communicate with you about maintaining appropriate session boundaries and not fail to get full consent from her client, in order not to create an uncomfortable situation.


Do you still have doubts despite all the information at hand you still wonder if Tantra massage is right for you? The best is to contact a Tantra massage specialist and ask for an information session. As a general rule, this will be given to you over the telephone, as does Dana, who you can also reach at the following address: tantricexperience@gmail.com.


Conclusion on Tantra massage: what to remembered about this sensual massage

To all of you considering one day to book a Tantra massage, you should remember that while it is highly sensual, Tantra massage is not 

just an erotic massage leading to sex. The goal is not orgasm, but channeling sexual energy for self-discovery and connection. An open, meditative mindset is essential to experience the full benefits.

For achieving the desired effects, choose a Tantra massage practitioner with the right intention and the right approach, who is properly trained and who understands the tantric principles, techniques and energy work.

If you do not possess a meditative mindset, this sensual massage may not be for you as it is a must have to experience the full benefits of this massage. However, if you are inclined towards spirituality, the right Tantra massage giver will help you slowing down to deeply experience your senses and energy.


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