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Lingam: What is Lingam Massage?


Did you know that lingam massage is a special feature of tantric massage? The word Lingam is also widely used to describe the practice of massaging the penis and the area around it, i.e. the penis, the testicles, the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum) and sometimes the prostate. Derived from a word of Indian Sanskrit origin, “lingam” means “penis”, and the lingam massage focuses exclusively on the male genital area.  Lingam massage is practiced as a form of veneration of the male genitalia, with the aim of developing sexual energy and enhancing spiritual and erotic pleasure.

During a lingam massage, much effort will have been expended by the tantric masseuse to create a hushed, sensual atmosphere, dimly lit by candles (subdued lighting) and where soft, relaxing music is crucial to creating the right atmosphere. Natural massage oils (such as olive, almond or coconut oil) will have been prepared to initiate a slow lingam massage, first directed at the lower abdomen and inner thighs, then evolving towards the genital area.

As mentioned above, lingam massage can include a prostate massage if both the client and the masseuse agree on it. However, prostate massage is not automatically included in a lingam massage, so do not hesitate to discuss this with your tantric masseuse beforehand.

The aim of lingam massage is twofold: to achieve orgasm while experiencing sexual pleasure (which can turn into multiple orgasms) and/or spiritual pleasure throughout the body.  Lingam massage brings partners closer together through a constant, conscious exchange of energy.


What are the benefits of a lingam massage?

Promoting alignment with the spiritual and sexual self, lingam massage relaxes, relieves stress and enhances sexual pleasure and performance. For premature ejaculators and/or men with erectile dysfunction, regular lingam massage will help you develop sexual stamina and ejaculation control. It can also help you achieve prolonged orgasms, or even multiple orgasms.

Going beyond physical pleasure, lingam massage cultivates sexual energy for deep spiritual experiences, improved general well-being and enhanced sexual capacity.


How does lingam massage differ from other erotic massages?

Clients accustomed to erotic massages may wonder whether lingam massage is an erotic massage. Well, the answer is yes: lingam massage is indeed an erotic massage. However, it has the distinctive feature of not being primarily focused on ejaculation, whereas the typical erotic massage, also known as the “happy-end”, focuses on achieving orgasm through friction. While classic erotic massage is about physical pleasure, lingam massage creates a more holistic atmosphere and connection aimed at clearing blockages, treating problems such as erectile dysfunction and promoting general well-being.

The lingam experience is a very intimate and sensual one, requiring access to your vulnerability, to letting go, an invitation to surrender to your pleasure.

Unlike other types of erotic massage, lingam massage stands out as an erotic, multidimensional tantric practice combining massage techniques with spiritual principles to cultivate sexual energy, intimacy and awareness. 


Lingam versus Yoni: what is the difference?

Although these two types of massage may seem similar, the differences between lingam and yoni massage are significant. As we have already pointed out, lingam massage focuses solely on the penis, testicles, perineum and sometimes prostate of the client experiencing the lingam. Yoni massage, on the other hand, focuses on the vulva, clitoris, G-spot, uterus, breasts and other erogenous zones of the client receiving the massage. As you may have gathered, lingam massage is aimed at male pleasure, while yoni massage is aimed at female pleasure.

To develop sexual energy, lingam massage can incorporate edging (orgasm delay), breath work and internal prostate massage. Lingam encourages the man to relinquish control and be vulnerable in receiving pleasure.

Yoni massage often uses yoni eggs (stone eggs) to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles in addition to external massage. The woman experiences a gradual sensual ascent.


How long does a lingam massage session last?

Since the lingam is a component of tantric massage, it is important to mention that some masseuses will not offer the lingam in isolation from its entity, which is tantra massage. For the gentlemen who are only interested in this aspect of tantric massage, I invite you to consult the erotic/tantra masseuse you wish to meet and ask her directly whether she practices lingam massage in isolation.

If so, it is possible that the tantric masseuse will offer you this specific service, but that it will still be part of an appointment lasting at least an hour (bearing in mind that a tantric massage session generally lasts between 90min and 2 hours). This is because the tantric masseuse will want to ensure that she creates a sacred, sensual atmosphere and works in depth on the various stages of tantric therapy, focusing on the lingam/genital organs.

If the lingam massage is offered by an erotic masseuse (who does not specialize in Tantra massage per se, but who has mastered the lingam technique), you may be granted a shorter session. This could last 30min, 45min or even an hour, and will generally cost between CHF 150 and CHF 300.


Where to go for a lingam massage?

Lingam massage is usually offered by erotic masseuses who specialize in different types of erotic and sensual massage for male pleasure. Some of them even have a therapeutic masseuse diploma. Ideally, choosing a certified masseuse who also offers erotic massages is your best guarantee of quality service.

As the atmosphere in which the lingam experience takes place is crucial to the smooth running of the session, choose an independent masseuse or an independent escort girl (many of them are excellent masseuses) who will receive you in private (ideally in an apartment) and who will therefore be able to create that intimate symbiotic atmosphere characteristic of the lingam massage. 

The other option is to visit an erotic massage institute. Almost all of them will have at least one or two masseuses specializing in lingam massage. These places are generally very spacious, discreet and clean. Since they only offer erotic massages (no sex), this specificity tends to give them a lot of credibility. 


Lingam massage: to sum-up

After reading this article, if there is only one thing to remember is that a lingam massage is a tantric practice focused on massaging the penis and its surrounding areas. The goal of lingam is not just orgasm, but to cultivate full-body pleasure and spiritual awareness through breathing techniques and energy circulation. The lingam massage is meant to be a conscious, loving practice that allows men to explore their sexuality on a deeper level.


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