28 / 12 / 2023
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Independent Escorts in Switzerland: How to get started in 2024?


Whether you've been in the industry for years or just started, you're all going to face a 2024 that's certainly more difficult than 2023.

Multiple financial, economic and geopolitical factors and the reform of some European countries on the law on prostitution are exerting pressure on the continent, which is felt strongly, even as far as Switzerland.

As we already discussed a few months ago in another article, working as an independent escort in Switzerland is still possible but certainly more challenging than before because: the number of clients in Switzerland does not increase proportionally to the number of girls, girls who have been there for a long time have a considerable advantage over the new ones because they have been able to build a solid regular clientele over the years, the typical Swiss customer likes to be sure of what he "consumes" and does not therefore does not have an adventurous attitude when it comes to spending his money.

Faced with these obstacles that are here to stay and over which an independent escort in Switzerland has very little control, how can we approach 2024 to ensure we continue to work as before or even better than before? Here are my 3 key tips which I hope will be useful to you:


Do not lower your rates

Being a subject that I have been addressing recurrently on this blog, lowering prices is a fatal error which may make it very difficult for them to be increased in the future. It can also mean to customers that you are desperate and because you need money, you lower your rates. In the eyes of a client, you immediately lose your degree of attractiveness and as you are below market rates, their attitude towards you could be less pleasant (less respectful) thus dehumanizing the entire human aspect of your work as independent escort. In addition, a customer who has always been used to paying a certain price to come see you could misinterpret this price drop and wonder if they have always paid too much to come see you until now. His attitude towards you might change too. For example, this customer who is so nice and courteous could suddenly be less pleasant by trying to negotiate your rates. Indeed, logically, if you have lowered them once, perhaps it is possible to go even lower...


Don't increase your rates

I am always very surprised to see girls who, after having had a very good week (financially), believe that they are “worth” more and suddenly increase their prices under the impulse or propelled by what their ego judges to be correct. In the economic and geopolitical situation in which we find ourselves at the time this article is written (December 2023), the last thing to do – in my opinion – is to increase your prices. This is not rational. You risk driving away certain customers (who may also have a budget to respect and/or beyond which they do not wish to spend more money), even the most loyal when it is precisely thanks to them that your Incomes are still stable today. And remember that a regular customer should never be taken for granted because they may at any time no longer be so regular... Indeed, you are far from being the only one. There are plenty of independent escorts in Switzerland and there will be even more in the months to come... So, choose to be caution and preserve the beautiful clientele that you have been able to build over the months/years. I have often heard independent escorts say that an increase of 50 CHF should not make a difference to clients. Well, you will be very surprised to know that for many, this can make a huge difference. Don't underestimate the ability of a customer to never come back to see you again, even if they have always been comfortable in your company. Do not underestimate the cost of living in Switzerland either, which is very high (but difficult to perceive for people who do not live there all year round) and which therefore pushes many clients to be careful with their monthly spending.

So, I'm not saying that you should never consider increasing your rates as an independent escort in Switzerland. On the other hand, you have to do it in the right way, for the right reasons and above all at the right time. The coming years do not bode well in terms of economic growth in Europe, quite the contrary. Something that will encourage economic immigration to Switzerland and, in the same vein, unbalance supply and demand with regard to paid sex. The trend in this direction has already been felt since mid-2023.


Treat each appointment as if it were the first date

The first date with a client is crucial because it will determine whether the client will consider coming back to see you or not. This first date is said to be perfect in every way. However, the only secret to increasing the chances that your clients will come back to see you again and not someone else is to duplicate the first meeting for all the other meetings that follow. In a nutshell, you need to make sure that every meeting you have with your client is as good - or even better - than the very first meeting with them. If your service is always on a scale of 9/10 or 10/10, you can be sure that you will be much less impacted than other girls whose service is uncertain or fluctuating. I understand that providing excellent service at every encounter is tiring both physically and mentally. This is why it is better to see fewer clients in favor of better quality dates (longer, more interesting dates, more intense sharing, etc.) in order to be able to create a unique story with each of them, stories which will little by little transform them into regular customers. In addition, since we are entering a very competitive era for the sex industry, having this state of mind for independent escorts now becomes a sine qua none condition to hope to last and earn a decent living in this industry like no other. Only the best will succeed. The others will be satisfied with the crumbs. Try not to fall into the second category.


To sum up…

Don't change a way of working that until now has always proven to work for you and thanks to which you have been able to build a stable clientele. Do not change a winning business model, especially not in times of crisis or economic slowdown. Continue to provide excellent service and if that is not enough, explore areas where you can improve (because one can always do better), surprise your customers with unique ideas and/or touches, be original to create the change, the sparkle that will make you difficult to replace...


Janet for TheVelvetRooms


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