28 / 04 / 2019
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7 reasons why you should call and not text/Whatsapp

Have you ever tried to book an escort and once on the phone, she suddenly hung up the phone and texted you immediately after via SMS or WhatsApp messages , as if she wanted to avoid any kind of conversation ?

In this article, I will be talking exclusively about the escort who systematically communicates via text messages and deliberately never responds to a client when he is trying to call her.

I always wondered why independent escorts often try to pretend to be independent. Maybe because gents who know how to treat an escort are also those who know how to treat a woman. From their booking to their last goodbye kiss, those gentlemen represent the perfect dates: polite, gentle, on time, generous, friendly and respectful. All escorts dream of meeting only these kinds of clients who tend to prefer the company of real independent ladies. Usually, men willing to spend 1000 CHF for the company of a gorgeous lady will go for an established agency or seek a lady who is in total command of her skills; not pressured by anything or anybody. Gentlemen looking for an experience rather than just sexual intercourse will skip the Swiss brothels or the sex clubs to go for something more private, more discreet, more upscale.

In some countries, like the United States, men are used to contacting exclusive independent companions by email only. Phone conversations before an appointment are not very common or mandatory, not for the very first contact, at least.

In Canada for example, it is common for escorts to share both : their phone number and their email address, giving the potential client more options to contact them.

In Europe, it works slightly differently... in several countries, including Switzerland, independent sex providers will be reachable essentially by phone; and thus, calling one of them before a booking is strongly recommended to make sure that you are really dealing with an independent  lady.

The thing is that, often, these gorgeous ladies advertise as if they were independent but, a short phone call can quickly make one reconsider that idea...

Are you wondering why some "independent escorts" refuse to answer when you are calling for an appointment ? Here is why:


1- She does not speak the language well (or not at all)

Her advertising says she grew up in England but apparently...she did not. She seems to be using Google translator systematically, even for basic communications.


2- She is not a real independent escort 

Many agencies present the girls working for them as independents but they are actually employees of the agency which takes a cut (%) of the money they make. The agency will then answer the phone for them, manage their bookings, etc... These girls usually have no contact with their clients before the final meeting. A real independent escort will pick up the phone herself and manage her appointments and choose who she wants to spend time with or not.

They are only two reasons why an independent escort would not answer the phone herself :

* She is very popular and busy, and she has hired a personal assistant, to organize her schedule (yes, that kind of very upscale escort exists !)


* The girl is very shy, lacks self-confidence and for some personal reasons, picking up the phone scares her. She would then rather have someone manage her bookings (like the Velvet ladies who are part of Janet's Models)


3- She does not want to "small talk" with you

Well, an escort who wants to keep communications to a strict minimum, without questioning or caring about what YOU (the guest) are looking for is probably a date to avoid... Minimum communication often leads to minimum service or no service at all.


4- The girl has an accent... 

Unless one is really bilingual, speaking a foreign language with no accent is not something very common. Some escorts will pretend to be Italian for example and will speak the language with a very strong accent that does not sound Italian at all... On the phone, it is not something one can easily hide. But why lie ? Not talking to you is a way of making sure that you don't know where she is from until you finally meet... Is that the proper way to interact with a gentlemen ? I think not.


5- She has a very special (strange) voice

Many of us women, dislike listening to our own voice because we simply can't stand it.  So, when this voice has something particular/disturbing we logically try not to expose it. An escort who is ashamed of her voice because she speaks like Mickey Mouse, or because she smokes 2 packs of cigarettes daily will of course do her best to avoid speaking with you.

A voice can be a turn on, or a turn off : check it out first if it is an important criterion for you.


6- She does not host at a private location

Many low to average escorts in Switzerland who wish to become independent will copy those who succeeded as independents without ever being able to reach their level. They will advertise their locations as 100% private for a booking but the truth often has a different taste...

In Switzerland, only a few independent escorts are really working out of private locations they do not share with other sex workers.

All the others simply rent a room in an apartment with other escorts or transsexuals with whom they must unfortunately share accommodations.  In these cases, speaking with you on the phone is only possible when the place is quiet, when flat mates are not making noise...

A girl working in these conditions may be an independent escort but she is working in a brothel context which will NOT match the expectations of a gentleman like you. You deserve much better, don't you think?


7- She hates being an Escort

TheVelvetModels are part of TheVelvetRooms because they chose this job; they enjoy it and do it because they derive pleasure and satisfaction from it.

That it is not always the case. Do you think the majority of escorts love what they do? Well, actually, they don’t. Most of them deeply hate this job and what makes them stay in this industry is the money; their pimp (some girls have someone playing such a role in their life, unfortunately); they have social or psychological problems/addictions or they have little education and never thought that one day they could change careers…

What I have realized is that, when they have no plans for the future, the longer they stay in this business, the more they hate this job. So, asking them to pick up the phone and be kind, spontaneous, friendly to clients or potential clients is very complicated for such ladies. They know about their bad habits, their aggressiveness and lack of patience towards clients and therefore,  prefer not answering the phone at all.


Gentlemen, take my advice, a quick phone call rather than an SMS/Whatsapp message will help first impressions; make the right decision to book a lady or not. Trust your instinct: intuition does not lie.


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 


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