08 / 05 / 2019
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Lady : put your freaking high heels on !

More and more men tell me about being very disappointed when they meet an Independent Escort who has no high heels on. The beautiful photos that highlight them and thanks to which these men decide to come over and spend time with Escorts are often only a way to attract them. Once through the door, her physical appearance does not always match those of the photos and even when the photos are accurate, no effort has been made to host these customers as it should be.

I am thinking in particular of wearing high-heeled shoes. Half of the Independent Escorts do not wear them, which, in my opinion, is not normal or acceptable and I will tell you why.


A standard rule at many Etablissements

If you are a faithful reader of my blog, you certainly understood by now that I do not particularly promote Sex Clubs and erotic studios where women are not really independent in their choices... on the other hand, I must admit that what I appreciate at some of these establishments is the standards they put in place to maintain a certain image and a certain level. In many of these places, Escorts cannot be dressed in any way and high heels are mandatory and no one discusses this because it is a standard rule and I think that’s the way it should be.


„I’m an Independent Escort, I can do whatever I want to !“

If you only knew how many times I've heard that sentence! It is very popular among these girls who have absolutely no idea what it is like to be a REAL Independent Escort and that is why the vast majority of them are unable to promote themselves alone, have few regular clients and are sorely lacking of self-discipline.

In the ordinary life, giving up a full time employed job to launch a business and become an independent worker is extremely challenging (longer and unpaid working hours, little or no vacation at all, little sleep...) ! That is why few people choose this path.

In the world of prostitution, the rules are the same. When you choose to be a swiss independent sex worker, you also accept to have to work harder and better in order to build a loyal clientele and to be able to bear the costs related to this status (advertising, renting an apartment, photoshooting, supplies...), costs that girls working at an erotic studio do not generally pay (these costs are largely covered by the establishment).

Being an independent Escort is not only about what you expect from men but it is also about what you are giving them. It has to be a win-to-win situation.


High heels : Every respectable Escort should wear them .

Most men recognize and assume this attraction for high heels which represents the woman in all her sensuality. Men love to see a woman in heels because they seem to have a svelte silhouette, slimmer legs and a more rounded bottom.

For men, heels represent the exacerbated sensuality and sexy femininity of a woman.

Some of them admit to worshipping the heel even if no one wears the shoes: we are referring here to the fetishistic fantasy.

But generally speaking, for men, heels represent the woman and everything related to her. These are the Gentlemen who caress our legs, kiss our feet, pamper our shoes and massage our toes... !

Ladies, how can you ask 300 CHF an hour and not wear high-heels?


No high-heels on : why it is not acceptable 

Here is my message to you ladies: 

Too many of you have high expectations about clients but can’t handle/understand the first impression! You expect the client to be polite, to smell good, to be on time, to  be generous…

And what’s the first impression you leave on him? The first impression is a mental image, an initial evaluation that one makes about a person one sees for the first time. What kind of image do you think that a Gentleman has from a woman welcoming him without a pair of high-heels on : Does she care about my time and my money? Does she care about my fetish for shoes? Does she know that high-heels turn me on and seeing a woman in this context without them is a turn off form me? Does she actually like this job?

Yes Ladies, so many questions can come into a Gentleman’s head without you even noticing it and most oft he time, he will not tell you face-to-face what he really thinks… You are not comfortable in high heels ? Then, don’t get them too high, but chose a pair where you feel good in and put them on to welcome your client, even i fit is only within the first 15 Minutes oft he encounter but please, wear them.  If you are going to an Outcall and the client prefers you coming with flat shoes, make sure to have a pair of high heels in your bag to put them on once in the room. Remember : The first impression never lies !

In other words, when you choose to be independent, you have to be more demanding with yourself and with the service you provide otherwise, customers don’t come back and it is all fine with them because there are hundreds of Escorts like you around…

Indeed, you are not the only one dear and if you can’t understand this, you will not make it long in this industry...


Here is my message for you Gentlemen :

A respectable Escort Girl should wear high-heels.  That’s belong to the basics. It is part of the package, part of the whole experience you are paying for. For those who see it as a very important detail, make sure to tell the lady on the phone that you expect her with high-heels when you will visit her.

She has no heels on when you finally visit her although you told her on the phone that it was something very important for you? Keep your money and leave.

And don’t have a bad conscience about it. Remember : The first impression never lies !


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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