25 / 04 / 2023
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Should you meet a young Escort Girl?

The vast majority of clients are attracted to young and "newbie" escorts. These girls generally have little or no experience in the industry and it seems that many men are attracted to this type of girls. Why ? The naivety of some of them (the fact of not knowing how this industry really works), the fact that they are still pretty "pure" (in this sense it is implied that they are not yet "accustomed to the cogs of the trade"), the feeling of control/superiority that a client "experienced in meeting Escorts" can feel in the company of a girl who knows nothing about it; are examples of why a man might prefer to meet a young escort.

But what exactly do we mean by young? There are two ways of looking at things. Are we talking about young in age or young in terms of experience in this industry? Or maybe both?

The young Escort with no (to little) experience

The advantage of meeting a young Escort (aged 18 to 24) is that at this age, they are generally more open and more uninhibited. They are in the freshness of age and often very vivacious, more open-minded and most are very generous in their services. They are also more influential. But because they don't always know their body very well at that age, because they may be undecided and sometimes insecure at that age, because they may lack life experience and experience in general with men, the service of a young escort can be less mastered, more clumsy than that of an escort who is more mature or who, although young, already has more than two/three years of experience under her belt. Men often fall under the spell of these young girls (who often have a perfect body) without asking themselves any further questions and hoping to have the experience of a lifetime. At times unpredictable, keep in mind that some (often the prettiest physically) may have a princess attitude which can be particularly unpleasant, especially if you don't look like Leonardo DiCaprio... Advice for clients who want to visit a young escort: treat patients, accept that the service is not perfect and do not blame her for it.

The young Escort, but experienced

This is certainly the profile most valued by clients: meeting a dynamic girl, who knows what she is doing and how she should do it thanks to the experience she has been able to acquire (life experience but also experience with men and experience as an Escort). The advantage for a client who go for this girl is that the probability that the GFE service is mastered and that the contours of the escort profession have been internalized, is actually very high. And if this girl works as an independent Escort, is physically very pretty, speaks English/German and has other attributes working in her favor and her comments are good, she is certainly the type of Escort who will be the most coveted. Advice for clients who want to visit a young but experienced escort: since she is the type of girl who attracts the most, take the time to carefully analyze her ad (to avoid falling on a fake profile) and choose preferably a girl who works privately and independently.

The Escort of 25 years and over, with no (to little) experience

When we say mature, we could actually make two categories: escorts who are between 25 and 45 years old and those who are over 45 years old. In this specific case, we put them all in one category: those women who are over 25 and who have never done this escort job before. They often have a false idea of what this work entails and I listed these ideas in an article written a few months ago: The 10 Misconceptions of Newbie Escorts. Based on our experience at TVR, this is the Escort category where we encounter the most disappointments and the most misunderstandings. I'm not generalizing here because there are always exceptions to the rule, but on average, this is the category where we find the most women who don't do this job because they like it, who are in this industry out of spite and it shows in the service they provide. They have life experience but have a very negative opinion on this escort work they do and many even hate it. They have become an escort for the wrong reasons, and it is mainly because of the attitudes they have towards this industry that the negative stereotypes of escort girls have a good life in our society. Don't get me wrong: some of them are actually very kind and friendly. But let's face it, looking for new friends is not the reason why you are visiting escort girls. Advice for clients who meet an escort of 25 years and over with no experience: Go there without high expectations. You may be pleasantly surprised, one out of three times, but in the vast majority of cases, the service will be fairly basic...

The Escort of 25 years and over, with experience

The best established escorts actually fall into this category: they have a lot of experience in this industry and an impeccable reputation. It is certainly the most popular profile after that of the young Escort with experience. Whether she is 25, 30 or even 50, (MILF) we often have to deal with liberated women, who assume their sexuality, who are comfortable with this work (when they have chosen to do it and when they work as an independent escort). Their years of experience in the industry have taught them a lot and often make them perfect companions for a one-night stands, for a Dinner-Date or even for a romantic weekend. Their longevity in this industry has made them professional but also intuitive and more in tune with this work than their less experienced colleagues. More often than not, their physical appearance is still neat and clean-cut. Conversely, too long experience in this industry can be reflected in the service of this category of Escorts and sometimes you can meet women who are jaded, tired, less interested in what they are doing or more laid-back as compared to what they were a few years ago. Physically, most have held on well, but others have let themselves go or have other interests that occupy their minds and this can affect the quality of their service. Remember that it is often the age when they have the most complex and remaining successful in this industry is somehow a validation for them, that they are still able to attract men. Advice for clients who meet an escort aged 25 and over with experience: read the comments of these ladies carefully. Being in the industry for a long time, they should have enough feedback for you to make a sound decision. Focus on the most recent comments. Be sensitive to how she communicates with you (tone of voice, WhatsApp messages, quality and choice of photos she decided to post) and this will give you a good indication of her state of mind when it comes to this business. Finally, pay attention to the way her ad is written (consistency, errors, writing style etc.). A woman who has been in this industry for years and who is successful in what she does will have an ad that speaks from itself. Don't minimize that important detail.

The last word

Should you visit a young Escort? In all choices there are pros and cons. It's up to you to weigh them and make an informed decision. If for you dating with an Escort is only a sexual act then your decision will be made quickly. If, on the other hand, you expect a bit more, I hope I was able to assist you a bit.

That's basically the advice I can give you and I hope it will help you consider visiting a young escort. There is no "all-fit-all" rule in the escort industry but there are always red flags hidden somewhere (sometimes they are even pretty obvious) and as a client ready to spend your money in exchange of a good time, you should know how to detect them and therefore, make sensible decisions that works best for you to reduce the probability of being disappointed. Of course, you can always disregard those escort tips given to you for free in this article but then, don’t complain for having picked the wrong girl. As more and more ladies are entering the sex industry, more “homework” will be needed from your part to sort out those who worth spending time with from those whose company will plainly result in a waist of your time...

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