04 / 09 / 2022
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The 10 misconceptions "wanna be Escorts" have about being an Escort

Over the past 6 months, I've been receiving more and more messages and emails from girls who show some interest in becoming an Escort. They have seen documentaries on television, have read articles in magazines or have an acquaintance who does this work. In view of all the information they have been able to collect, they think they know exactly what this job consists of and feel capable of being an Escort. One day, one of them even said to me: "I know a not very pretty girl who has been doing this job for a few years and who seems to be making a good living. So, if she manages to do it, it shouldn't be that complicated for me because without bragging, I'm much prettier than her".

So, for all those who want to become an Escort in Switzerland, here are 10 misconceptions that you certainly have about Escort work. Make sure to get rid of them if you are seriously considering to become an Escort:

1- You have to be beautiful to be an Escort

NOT NECESSARILY. Physical beauty is important, but it is not the most important. I would say that you have to have charm and know how to play it. If in addition, you have an inner beauty and you know how to reveal it, this is what will put you on a footing compared to other Escorts. In the eyes of the client, your real beauty will bloom with your ability in making him feel special in your company.

2- One should be slim to be an Escort

FALSE. More and more Size Plus Escorts (wearing XL or XXL) have been able to build up a good clientele. Indeed, there are men who prefer women with curves. Indeed, many of them have a natural body, which is what many men are looking for. A large number of clients rather go to Big Beautiful Women (BBW) over the slim ones as they tend to be on average more laid-back, less arrogant and more approachable and a lot more friendly.

3- You must have big breasts to be an Escort

FALSE. Against all odds, this is the most common prejudice! All girls get their breasts done because they think that's what men prefer and/or they'll work better with silicone breasts. Well, you will be very surprised to know that more than 70% of Escort clients prefer natural breasts and many even have a preference for small boobs. :-)

4- Escorts over 30 years old are less in demand

FALSE. Clients prefer women or girls and for many, the ideal age for an Escort is between 28 and 40 years old. Note that many women over 40s (also known as MILF) are among the best Escorts! However, there is no age limit to be an Escort in Switzerland (from 18 years old). Beyond a certain stage, age does not matter if you know how to create this magic between the client and you.

5- You don't have to be smart to be an Escort

FALSE. In a competitive market as the one we are currently in, being a smart Escort can set you apart from the rest. Men have become super picky. The way you speak, write, interact with them does matter and tend to influence their decision in dating you or not. Although intelligence is measured in various ways, it is clear that a girl who has “nothing up there” will not work as well/much or not at the same rates as an educated girl, who speaks several languages ​​and who has studied. The smarter an Escort is, the better her chances of making a good living as an Escort (better clients, longer dates...)

6- Being an Escort does not imply intimate relationships

FALSE. That's the thing I hear most often. But from whence did they acquire this information? Do you really think that a client is going to pay 300 CHF to spend an hour with you having a drink and talking about the beautiful weather? Uh...no, not really. 95% of the time, the client comes for a GFE, deep French kiss, natural blowjob, sensuality, tenderness and a moment of relaxation. It's mainly all about him and you are here to help him feel great. If you are not ready to provide this kind of service, forget about becoming an Escort, it is definitely not for you.

7- Escorts earn a lot of money

FALSE. Many, struggle to make ends meet. Other make between 3000 and 6000 CHF a month and the ones who have understand what it takes to be an Escort are easily making way over 12 000 CHF a month for not even working full time. The money you earn will be directly correlated with your positive attitude towards the customer, the quality of your service, the consistency of your service, your versatility, your patience, the regularity of your presence, your professionalism and your ability to adaptation. If you are not able to juggle with these essential and necessary qualities to earn very well as an Escort, you will become disillusioned very quickly. Along the same line, if you used to make a good living as an Escort and you start to slack off your professionalism, you will logically lose clients and money.

8- All Escorts hate this job

FALSE. Despite what feminists want us to believe, not all Escorts are victims. Some women have chosen this work deliberately and find great pleasure and satisfaction in it. Let's not put everyone in the same basket, please!

9- I can start as an independent Escort without any investment

FALSE. You won’t believe how many girls want to start working as an independent Escort but are completely broke, have a “me-me-me” attitude and nothing to show for it! It takes money to make money. Having beautiful photos/videos, booking your apartment/hotel room, preparing your advertising... All this costs money and requires a minimum of organization to avoid burning your wallet... If you are poorly organized as an independent Escort and puts no money into marketing your services, you just can’t possibly get this kick off properly and your earnings will feel it badly...

10- Being an Escort does not require any special skills: anyone can do it

FALSE. Oh really? Ask one of your friends if she is able to open the door to a stranger, behave towards him as if he were not a stranger, look at him with a smile, talk to him and listen to him, as if all this was natural. Have sex with him as if he were her boyfriend, whether she physically likes him or not. Would she be able to ignore her own feelings, opinions and make this man feel the most valuable in the world within a time frame of an hour or two, without even knowing that she would see him ever again?

Can your friend do that? And how about you? Can you really do that?

Anyone can be a prostitute but not anyone can be an Escort. It's NOT the same at all. Being an independent Escort is not for everyone. The girls attracted to this industry only see the financial aspect and attach no value to this profession, which they do not consider as such. This is exactly where the problem lies. Being an Independent Escort is a job. Not a common job but a job all the same and certainly much more challenging physically (it can be heavy on the body which constantly has to “perform” and “deliver”), psychologically (the importance of not losing the face in any circumstances as the client satisfaction comes first) and morally (having to hide it constantly to your friends and family makes lies an instinctive reflex to protect ones privacy) than many other jobs out there. Money can be great in this industry but there is also a price to pay for it and not everyone is willing to make these kinds of sacrifices...

Being an Escort may or may not be something for you. Give deeper thought to it before making that big leap.

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