12 / 03 / 2020
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Tips for Ladies : Should you have your own Escort website?

The number of Escort Girls having their own website has exploded in the past 10 years. Indeed, everyone tells you that regardless of the service you sell, all sectors combined, a website is essential if you want to show some kind of credibility towards your potential customers. But is this really the case in the sex industry?


The advantages of having your own Escort website

For many clients, an Escort Girl with her own site is reassuring and they tend to immediately place you in another league, that of women of a certain level. For them, this confirms that you are really independent and that you do this job by choice. Managing your own site also reflects an image of an organized and professional woman, provided of course that the general aspect of the site, the photos and especially the content are interesting and impeccably presented. The other advantage is that your site allows you to share with potential customers a lot of information upfront (prices, services ...) that you will not have to repeat over the phone or via Email (if you also agree to make appointments via email). Having your own site is also an opportunity to present yourself in your best light and attract the attention of customers around the world. Indeed, the chances of being contacted by local but also international clients is much higher when you have a website, on the condition - of course - that the SEO of the site is well thought out ...


The challenges of managing a website

As I briefly mentioned above, if your website is basic, visually unattractive, lacks of content and has vulgar and poor quality photos, in that case, please, don’t have a website all.


Investing in your site

If you plan to have your own website, choose a company which has experience in Escort websites design. It will cost you between 1000 and 5000 CHF for such a website. Forget free sites such as WIX, especially if you are not very comfortable with webdesign because the result will not be up to your expectations. Instead, use the services of professionals who are used to creating Escort websites. Then add the monthly site maintenance costs (between 50 and 150 CHF per month) and the annual site hosting costs (between 100 and 300 CHF per year). Over time, website-related changes and updates (which vary in price) will be added to these fixed costs.


Adding content

In order for your site to remain attractive, it is essential to supply it with interesting content. Please, no copy / paste! Only publish content written by yourself! Andi f you can’t write and are thinking of paying someone to do it for you well… then don’t have a website. A Homepage is something personal. It is your „print“. Too many Escort websites are obiously not written by them. Clients are not stupid. After talking to you for a few minutes, the smart ones will quickly figure out that you are not the one who wrote what is in your website because maybe your vocabulary is not that elaborate or maybe because they are a lot of contracdictions between the way you advertise yourself and the way you act with in the presence of clients.

The mistake made by 90% of Escorts is to create a site and never update anything in it (not even her pictures), even after 2 or 3 years. A static site that never changes quickly becomes useless. Men go there once and do not return regularly. It is essential to update your site. Your photos, working days and schedules, coming trips ... are information that must be updated daily or weekly if you want to maintain a certain credibility and reliability towards potential customers. The cherry on the cake is of course to have a blog and regularly add qualitative content to improve your Google SEO.


Promoting your website

Marketing your Escort website will take you a lot of time (at least 2 years sometimes even longer). For this, you will certainly need to invest in Google Ads, create links to other sites with the same type of content as yours or targeting the same clientele and of course, feed your site with interesting content and keywords, so that it can be better ranked and identified on Google. Finally, I would advise you to create a bilingual site (a version in the local language oft he country where you are working most of the time and a version in English). Indeed, an English version is essential in this global world. Even if you speak very little English, know that the English version of your site will be better optimized by Google.


Having your own website : does it really worth it ?

In Switzerland very few Escorts have their own website. In the United States for example, you are almost obliged to have your own Escort website because all independent Escorts have one. The ones who don’t have one struggle working with high rates.

Are you wondering if having your own website will have you earn more money as an Escort? The answer is : "No". It is not because you have a homepage that you will increase your income. Having a website is a great "business card". It’s a different way of presenting yourself and standing out from the crowd, as long as you invest the time and money necessary to make of your homepage a real tool to better sell your services. If you have neither the time, the money, the motivation, nor the consistency required to make your Escort website a reliable and interesting platform to look at, then it is better not to have a website at all.

As an Escort, promoting your services on local and specialized sites (punters) is generally good enough to work well. Customers will prefer a well-written and well-presented profile with beautiful pictures  rather than a luxurious Escort website that seems to have been updated months ago...

Another advantage of not having an Escort website is that you don't have to reply to messages or emails outside of your work schedule. Indeed, when you pay for your advertising on specialized adult websites, it stops when you decide. You choose when to activate and desactivate your profile. Having an Escort website which is permanently accessible online is something much more demanding. Potential customers can contact you at any time and expect a quick response from you even when you are actually not available. Not answering them or replying too late can seem unprofessional and give a biased/bad image of you.



Having your own Escort website is not essential to work well as a sex working. On the other hand, it can embellish your image as an Escort (by attracting for example more customers of a high social level and / or having a higher purchasing power) and improve your income if and only if you invest in it  enough money but above all a lot of your time. If you think you can handle it, then do not hesitate and do it! :-)

But if you don't like to write or if you don't know how to create interesting content, then my advice is not to have an Escort website, it will be a waste of time, money and energy for you because a homepage is interesting and has a lot of visitors only if its content is qualitative, entertaining and up to date. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. Save your time and money and rather choose to advertise on local and well established adult-platforms who are already known by Escorts’ clients.

In Switzerland the most popular Escort Girls do not have a website and do not seem to need one! ;-)

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