07 / 08 / 2023
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AI : Here is why you will soon no longer be able to trust Escorts pictures.


Those who have followed my blog for a few years remember having read some articles that I wrote about Escorts working with dubious photos. As a general rule, those pictures are either very old, too much edited or completely different from the person you will meet.

I have been trying to warn customers for years to be on the safe side. I have been trying for years to make girls in this industry understand the importance of standing out by being transparent with customers because a disappointed customer is a customer who will never come back!


AI is approaching the sex industry…

In an era where technology is constantly making progress, one can no longer rely on escorts selfies which were still a guarantee of an authentic profile 5 years ago. Today, very few selfies are natural but rather filtered to polish the image, to improve it, often to the point that radically changes the original face of escorts.

Well, let me share with you what I fear will happen in the next few years. It is nothing fancy...you just have to observe what is going on in the sex industry to realize how much it is filling up with escorts and of course not everyone will get “a piece of the cake”... Are you following me? What I mean by that is that given the plummeting economic situation in Germany, we will soon see a lot of escorts arriving in Switzerland because they no longer work properly in Germany. Not to mention the escorts from Spain who are more and more numerous and now the French escorts who admit that business is no longer so flourishing in the land of the baguette...

Anyway, back to the topic of this article: images generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The impact of AI on photography can be viewed from both positive and negative perspectives. While AI technology has the potential to enhance and streamline certain aspects of photography, there are also concerns about potential negative effects, in particular in the sex industry.

AI is not yet used by Escorts, but I bet you that very soon, it will be frequently utilized by sex workers for the following reasons:

* Rising competition: escorts who worked until now with selfies only and low-quality pictures will feel pressured to advertise with professional photos like, in order to increase their earning potential.

* Cheaper: photos generated by Artificial Intelligence cost you nothing. From a photo of you, the machine will transform you into a Top-Model at a click of a button. While using the services of a "human" photographer, requires for escorts a certain budget to invest in.

* Difficult to spot: images generated by Artificial Intelligence are increasingly realistic and can be difficult to detect. Imagine the progress that will have been made in 1 to 3 years from now!

Escorts who have been part of TVR for years and the Gentlemen who have trust us since we started this adventure in 2017 know how much ethics revolves around TVR.  That is why I have always been very much into transparency towards to clients of the platform. As my late father used to tell me:

Get use to telling the truth, so you don’t have to remember anything!”


The problem with AI…

I have always insisted that escorts should work with their real photos and choose to edit them as little as possible, ideally not at all. Because even a very discreet touch-up can completely change the appearance of a girl and I remain convinced that it is not something ethical with regard to clients. It is luring them, lying to them, manipulating them and breaking trust right from the start. I believe that this transparency that we find at TVR has helped solidify our reputation.

I have always encouraged the escorts to be honest and transparent. In this industry, it more often than not, pays off to go for sincerity. The arrival of AI, I hope, will not destabilize certain girls because this tool, once fully democratized, will make the choice of visiting escorts even more difficult for customers.

Indeed, AI-powered image manipulation tools have the potential to create highly realistic fake images or deepfakes of escorts, which can be used to deceive or manipulate viewers. You surely haven not forgotten each time where she did not look like in her pictures so, can you imagine how likely you are to be trapped in the same scenario once AI will be ubiquitous in the among escorts? I think this raises ethical concerns regarding the authenticity and trustworthiness of images in the sex industry.

The other issue I see is related to the standardization of aesthetics. As AI algorithms become more prevalent in photography, there is a possibility of standardizing aesthetic preferences based on popular algorithms or trained models. This could lead to a homogenization of visual styles, reducing the diversity and uniqueness of photographic expression, and reducing the diversity and uniqueness of escorts.


AI is sooooo perfect!

Escorts using AI-generating images is soon going to become an issue in Switzerland and worldwide.

Those of you Gentlemen who have not prepared for it will find it increasingly difficult to find THE right Escort Girl. Novices will be fooled, without even knowing it. So how to detect that an image was generated by AI? Not easy, but here are some tips:

*AI-generated escorts pictures may have strange or unrealistic elements. Look for odd distortions, inconsistencies, or artifacts that seem out of place or physically impossible.

* Certain elements of the picture are combined in an unlikely way (combination of objects or scenes that are rarely seen together)

* The picture is perfectly symmetrical or has an overly balanced composition


Imperfection it just right!

At TVR we believe that what makes us humans, I mean REAL humans, is the fact that we are not perfect. That's how you Gentlemen can spot a real escort body from a potential fake one! Always look for the imperfections to guide your decision of dating or not an Escort Girl.

The most senior Hobbyist among you have understood for a long time that the "Verified" tag that you see on the profiles of most escorts sites in Switzerland means nothing. They certify escorts they have never seen. The only thing escorts must do for their profile to be verified is either to send their ID or a selfie where they are holding a piece of paper with their name on it, date, and the name of that website. Of course, this verification procedure has no reliability or credibility whatsoever and that is why many escorts who advertise on these sites never end up having their profile “verified” because it is totally useless. I used to know a girl advertising on a popular Escorts website in Switzerland who had two different profiles, two different numbers, two different names and got both profiles approved as "Verified"... This deeply questions the legitimacy of this escorts’ website in Switzerland, yet so popular in German speaking part of the country...

At TVR, we believe that the only way to ensure that a girl really looks the same as in her pictures is if we have taken her picture ourselves. This is why ladies who have a Velvet-Label crest are verified profiles. That is to say that they either took pictures with us, or made a video with us, or both. Only in one of these three cases, the profile is granted the Velvel-Label (certified profile conforming to reality).  The logos: TVR (TheVelvetRooms) and KBL (KissedByLight) are the two names and Watermark we used to differentiate us from the others. This approach has become TVR trademark, and we want you Gentlemen to visit our website because you know you can trust what you see. Seeing escorts is no longer a small budget and clients' expectations have gone up too. Gentlemen: save yourself some time and money and look for the right girl at the right place.


In a nutshell…

The infiltration of AI into the sex industry is inevitable. It is just a matter of time. Artificial Intelligence will soon transform many facets of our lives and the sex industry will not be exempted, which will make the market even more tense than it is now: escorts will be even more in competition with each other, and clients will find it harder and harder to find THE right Escorts for them because they will be "hidden in a haystack"...

At least now, no one can say they didn’t know…


Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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