08 / 07 / 2021
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Tipps for Travel Escorts : Does being a Travel Escort really worth it?


"Escort on Tour", "Travel Escort" or “Touring Escort”, that's what we call those Escorts who from time to time (or sometimes even on a very regular basis) leave the city where they usually work as an Escort Girl (Outcall or Incall) to offer their services in another city, sometimes even in another country. The desire to travel, to get a way a bit and to earn more money are often the main reasons that motivate a Travel escort to try the venture elsewhere. But is it really worth it? Is it so lucrative to travel around the world to go to work as an Escort Girl? This is the question we are asking ourselves today.

The advantages of being a Travel Escort

The excitement to travel and go far is often the trigger. And when they choose to live this adventure with a girlfriend, travel escorts hesitate even less because they know that they are not going alone and they are probably going to have a lot of fun being together.

Beyond the vacation aspect of this adventure, escort girls who become traveling escorts generally choose a country where they think they will earn more than in the country where they usually work. The countries of predilection are often the United States, the Emirates, Japan or Singapore. They have heard that the hourly rate is usually higher and they are often less demanding about the customers who come to see them or even on the services they provide because precisely, travel escorts are only there for a few days/weeks and the want to fly back home with as much money as possible.

The travel escort will often use her short stay in the country she is visiting as a marketing tool to urge potential customers to urgently book now, before the deal is gone!

Since the travel escorts on Tour generally stay in the same city/country between 1 to 4 weeks, the risk of being "caught by the police" (in countries where the activity is illegal ) is minimal ... unless of course they are denounced by a third party.


What habits change in travel escorts when working abroad ?

When a travel escort flies away to work temporarily in another country, she may slightly change the way she usually work and meaning that :

* being abroad, the travel escort will be able to combine holidays and work (usually, travel escorts choose one country and offer their services in the main cities of the latter)

* the travel escort could pay less attention to the quality of her service because she knows that she will probably never see those customers again

* being far away from home and wanting to make that trip lucrative, the travel escort may increasing her rates. Indeed, travel escorts generally charge more than they would in the country they usually work in.

But traveling for work and money also comes with a large number of logistical, financial and moral constraints ...

The disadvantages of being a Travel Escort

Traveling to another country to provide Escort services requires a lot of preparation. As a travel escort, you should organize yourself at least 3 months in advance to prepare everything, book your plane / train tickets, your hotels / apartments, prepare your advertising, announce your trips in advance on your website or on your social media (if you use them), start prebooking appointments some days before your official arrival ... Of course, these costs are added to the daily expenses already existing and part of your job as an Escort girl (hairdresser, make-up, lingerie, work essentials ...).

Depending on the country chosen, the all-inclusive weekly costs associated with a Touring Trip vary between CHF 2,000 and CHF 5,000 per week. For your stay to be profitable, you must therefore earn at least double the money initially invested. If it is a country that you do not know at all and where you have never worked before, keep in mind that you run the risk that the stay will not be profitable.

It is not because you have heard that in Dubai or New York, travel girls are many tons of money, that you are going to work well there too. Make sure you have done the necessary research before travelling on the other side of the world.

First, find the answers to the following questions: What is the cost of living on site (how much money should you bring with you in case you don't have clients the first few days?)? How much can you expect to charge for one hour of incall service? Are there travel girls of the same type as you who work there or who regularly go to this part of the world? What kind of services men usually expect to get there (do you offer these services?)? Is English sufficient to work well in that country? Where, how and from when should you start your advertisement (indeed, sometimes it is advisable to activate your ads even before having arrived in the country)? Is prostitution legal in this country? If prostitution is illegal, how is the screening of clients going? Is it better to work there from a hotel room or from a private apartment? How to ensure your protection (especially if you travel/work alone)? All these questions (and many more) must be answered before travelling abroad to work as an escort as a means to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Since this stay must be profitable, the travel escorts tend to work more. Their working hours are much longer than what they are used to in the country where they usually work. What should have been a relaxing vacation can turn into stressful working hours ... I'm not saying it is always like this, but it happens a lot.


Do not gamble what you cannot afford to lose…

Do not be swayed by what certain travel escorts on social media may post: many exaggerate, and some even distort the truth. Indeed, when a Tour was a disaster, no girl mentions it on social media. Believe me there are a lot more than you imagine whse trip abroad as a travel escort was a flop but these Escort Girls on tour would not talk about it. Same way, they will not tell you when their Tour abroad a success was and had them earn really well, for fear that you might want to try there too and again, they will never tell you when they did badly, just out of pride... Therefore, do your own research first, make a list of your expenses and upfront costs for this trip and decide then if for you, the trip is worth it or not. Because, in fact, staying in the country where you usually work is often more lucrative than going abroad because you know your way around, you have your regular clients and if you want/feel the need to go home, you are usually a few hours away by train/flight.

Being a Travel Escort : Yes or No?

Does it worth it to be a travel escort?

I believe this is a complex topic that depends on a lot of factors. If you have some saving money and are willing to accept the inevitable risk-taking of traveling abroad without knowing if it is going to be a money pit or not, then you should go and give it a try.

If you are traveling as an Independent Escort, be aware that you will have to fund all of your expenses up front. If you go to work for an Agency abroad, the financial risk-taking is reduced because you normally have no / few costs at your expense (indeed, in exchange for taking care of everything for you, the Agency takes a percentage of your earnings) and normally, you should not lose (money) under these circumstances.

Should you become a travel escort or is it better to work at the same place?

To this question, the answer is very clear: Yes, you should be traveling as an Escort Girl and not be sedentary. Being at the same location all the time limits the number of new clients who will likely come to visit you. That is the reason why you should move from time to time. On the other hand, in my opinion, you should favor a country or two countries maximum where you are used to working and prioritize local touring (touring in multiple cities within the same country) over international touring (touring in one city of many different countries). Choosing to travel within a country you already know means:

* minimizing your financial risks (you are in a country that is familiar to you, and you already know the codes, language, how to operate, where to advertise ...)

* touring locally allows you not to start from scratch. A client who has seen your profile in a city without ever being able to visit you will be happy to finally meet you elsewhere. So you probably already have potential clients in this country who are waiting to be able to meet you near their favorite city.

* choosing to tour locally (in a country you already know and which is a maximum of two hours by plane from your home) strengthen the relationship with your regular customers and helps to faster build a clientele that you can see again and again and on which you can always count (and the other way around too), even in times of crisis, even during a Covid lockdown. Invest in your regular customers because they are worth gold! You must be geographically close to your best customers. Returning to the same cities on a regular basis allows you to retain your clients while giving them enough time to have "missed you".

How can you build a regular clientele while travelling all around the world? Impossible. And what do you do when traveling abroad gets complicated? Well, Girls who have been investing in their regular clients don't ask themselves these kind of questions...

In a nutshell...

Ladies, if you are thinking of becoming a travel escort, remember that the grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere. In the year 2020, many Escort Girls (who could not travel anywhere) certainly thought that instead of being "nomadic" during all these years, they should rather have adopted another strategy: that of "growing fruits and vegetables from their own garden". Those who had chosen that option had in 2020 less struggles (financially, mentally, and morally) to "get out of the game"! Give it a thought ladies…

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