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From a brothel in Germany to Independent Escort in Switzerland : Part 2/3


Hello everybody!

As promised, I will be back with the second part of my blog article which as for title “From a brothel in Germany to Independent Escort in Switzerland”. If you missed the first part, simply click here to catch up!

As I mentioned in the previous article, I started working as an escort in the Hamburg area and stayed there for about 8-9 months. It was a similar system to the one that can be found in many erotic places in Switzerland, moving from a city to another every week. This lady had about 7 apartments in different cities. During all this time the work was good, sometimes I had some less productive days, but from my experience I can say, that's how it is these days. A better day, a less good day, or you can end the day on 0. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I was not alone. The apartments were with two to five bedrooms, meaning that I was with other girls. Everyone had their own room, but I lacked privacy (this is one of the big advantages of being alone in one apartment and not having to share it with anyone). It was never quiet because everyone made their own schedule. Often you couldn't rest at night because some girls were working non-stop. If you wanted to sleep in one morning, there was a girl about to have a client. There was no peace at all. One girl was listening to music, another one was cooking, someone was always talking on the phone. At some point you got mentally tired.

After these months, most of the men already knew me and the work was starting to stop paying off (unlike Swiss customers, Germans have a marked preference for "new faces"). I was already used to this job, I decided that maybe it was time to try another part of the country. So far I did not worry too much about the locations I worked at but as I needed to get out of my comfort zone, that made me a bit anxious because not many apartment owners had 2 or more locations in different cities, it meant that I needed to become more organized and more resourceful as before. Maybe this week you were in Berlin and the following week you found nothing nearby but hundreds of km away, completely losing your entire Sunday on the road to get to the only place that was available. At some point I got to know the train routes better than I knew them in my country.


And it is only from here that the journey and the deepening of the escort profession begins.


I always wanted to work alone an apartment, to have my privacy and quietness, in order to organize my scheduled how it pleased me. Very few times I had the luck to find such locations. Most apartments were with 2 or even 4 rooms, so there were several people in that apartment, where the quietness and privacy were close to 0. Being several girls in the same place, with different characters and opinions, different prices and services: there were always differences between the girls. Besides, some women in this industry are very bad. I always tried to keep my distance and not to create friendships: because of money some people have no scruples. And then, if I put myself for two minutes in the shoes of a customer looking for discretion, I think it's extremely complicated to guarantee it in an apartment where several girls are working. Unless everything is extremely well organized and coordinated, or unless there are only two of them in an apartment. With two girls, if they know each other very well or if they get on well, it's still possible to work under good conditions while maintaining order, calm, cleanliness and discretion for customers who attach importance to this.

I rarely met women who were quiet in their place and focused on what they should be doing. Many locations had their reputation damaged because of the carelessness and bad temper of some girls. Because of this, a large part of the owners ended up letting their rooms only to girls who already knew them or who came through a recommendation. For me personally, being new in this profession, this created a lot of discomfort and stress in finding locations to work at.

We (together with my friend) stayed in houses where there were even 6 up to women. Terrible! 0 initiative, 0 comfort, maximum noise, arguments and fights between girls. To find a private place was very difficult.

Not to mention the cleaning… On Sundays, maybe after hours of train rides, I had to disinfect the bathroom, the kitchen and wash towels and linens. Homeowners?!?!?! They were not interested in hygienic working conditions or in giving you a small part of the cleaning products. No, all of them had to be bought by women (the tenants). Most of the managers of these rooms only cared about the money. Some used to be nice but changed because of the women who took advantage of their good faith, not paying rent, destroying things in the apartment, not cleaning up before their departure, not respecting certain basic rules necessary for the good functioning of the place. Other owners became cold people because of women who came accompanied by so-called boyfriends / husbands who were actually those who forced them into this industry or simply lied to them that they loved them and that they did this work for a better common future and who were often abandoned and without any money at the end. Some owners of these places became very strict with the sex workers and uncompromising because many of them did not respect the fixed prices of the location (providing all the services at a much lower price than would have been normal – as a result of being scolded or even beaten by "boyfriends/husbands" if they didn't make more money -). It may be part of the few reasons why many owners were so disengaged and no longer invested in the rooms they rented to sex workers because nothing was never respected.

I remember now an episode of this kind. I was in the Berlin area and I was in an apartment with a Bulgarian girl and her "husband". The girl was not working well, but enough to raise some money for herself after paying the rent. Everyday all the money she worked for, ended up to being lost in gambling. And to cap it all, she was also beaten for not making more money. I lasted only 3 days in that place and I left. I was afraid that this man might do something to me or take my money, although when we met in the kitchen, he was nice and respectful to me. Do you wonder what these men did while the girls were busy? Most of them were out in the casinos, some stayed in the kitchen or simply left 5 -10min before the appointment.

Luckily, there were also owners who were involved and made sure that absolutely nothing was missing from your apartment and who were available at any time of the day or night if you needed something. But those were in minority. It was not common occurrence. Fortunately, there were also good people among them, who besides their business, were available and friendly. That's why I ended up touring only the places of these people.

Years passed by and Germany had become a country intoxicated with women whose main objective was to meet as many men as possible for any amount of money regardless of services, a country where 8 out of 10 female escorts were accompanied by so-called boyfriends or husbands (mostly from Eastern Europe, where we all know the situation of the countries), a country that for my way of working no longer a good choice. Which made me think about what I should do next.

Now, I don't want it to be misunderstood that all the girls in this industry have someone behind them forcing them to work. No, times have changed, and a large number of women are single or married, independent, who are active in this profession only because it is their own choice and earn money for themselves out of various needs.

However, many of you gentlemen, - because I sometimes get this question-, still believe that behind an escort there is a man. Times have changed and access to some information is much faster than it used to be for a girl who wants to make a leap in this industry.


Coming back to my story, I took the decision to go to England, London. There I got introduced to a totally different approach which was a whole new system for me.  When I arrived in London, I rented a room in a hotel for 3 days, during which time I called several well-known escort agencies. They all accepted me but did not offer me a place where I could work. Eventually, an operator called me to tell me if I was still interested in the place, because he knew a girl who had a free room in her apartment. I accepted without hesitation because in the hotel where I was staying, I couldn’t work, and the bill was getting expensive. The room this girl was proposing was intended to accommodate me, but it would also be used as a place to receive my clients. 

The next day I met that girl, super nice and kind. We got very well along from the first day. She helped me a lot and explained me exactly how being an independent escort in London was about and what I should do to have a successful stay.

Although I had my own room to stay, working with an Agency (most of ladies in London are affiliated with Agencies…even if they called themselves independent escorts). I paid 40% commission of what I earned. The agency takes care of everything that is involved in an appointment. I just had to be available at any time for Incalls or Outcalls (from a schedule chosen by me), and at the end of the week, an employee of the agency came to collect the commission.


I lasted about 7 months. It was a system where you didn't have much freedom although you could go out one had to stay near the location, because if the agency called you, you had to be home quickly.

Another aspect I disliked was the outcall (it’s a matter of preferences but me, I never liked Outcall personally and preferred Incalls by far). One wasted a lot of time in transportation, some hotels didn't let you in because they knew exactly why you were there, sometimes you no longer got an answer to your call when you arrived at the location or the client simply didn't want you anymore. On top of that, to be able to earn well you had to be a party girl (meaning, willing to drink a lot and accessory, take some drugs). Not being an alcohol drinker nor taking drugs, it was difficult for me to earn well. To give you an idea: the girl I lived with only worked nights and made as much money in one night as I made in a week. I have not judged her, and I do not judge women who work, get high and consume alcohol. Everyone chooses how they want to work and what is best for them. It's just that in my opinion to end up destroying your body for money is not worth it…


After about 7 months in England, I decided to return to Germany, but I only worked at those private locations where I knew I could do my job in peace.

But I had to face the true: In 2018, Germany had gotten even worse than when I left the country almost a year before: prices for services had nothing to do with those that existed years ago when I started in the industry. I had weeks where I simply ended up paying for the rent and I was left with only the train fare that I would pay on Sundays to move to another place... Half an hour cost 50-60 Euro and the hour did not exceed 120 euro maximum. And the extras were not even taken into account as they were all included.

As I still have a few contacts with former colleagues who are still working in Germany as sex worker, I can assure you that in 2024, the situation in this industry has become even more catastrophic than it was in 2018, and unfortunately, I believe it will get even worse in the years to come.

So, I decided I had to leave the country for real and look for something in the neighbouring country, Switzerland. I found TVR online. I remember it as being a day ago, it was on an evening near the winter holidays. With fear in my heart, I sent a message. I didn't get a reply immediately but a few hours later I received a message asking if I was available for a phone chat.

The part about being an escort in Switzerland will follow, I will talk about the people who have been close to me and who have supported and encouraged me to evolve as a professional and as a human being.

Stay tuned for the last part (part 3) which will be published soon!


Selena for TheVelvetRooms


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