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Whore, Hooker, Prostitute : How should you address her?


Hooker, Whore, Prostitute : this is usually the terms used by men when thy talk about a sex worker. These words seem to resonate with them more than other words such as Sex Worker, Escort or Call Girl. 


What do we mean by synonym?

In this article, I would like to talk about the vocabulary used to refer to sex workers. Like many common nouns, this term has numerous synonyms which, although widely used, are not equivalent. A synonym is a word (or expression) that means the same thing as another. The meaning can be exactly the same or more or less the same. This subtlety will be distinguished depending on the context in which the word is used, the intensity we want to give it or even the type of language used (familiar, current or sustained). When you call a Sex Worker a Hooker or a Whore, it is definetely not the same as when you refer to her a being an Escort Girl. 

The term "Sex Worker" is often substituted for other terms/words, the best known of which are: Courtesan, Escort, Prostitute, Whore, Hooker, Peripathist, Girl of joy, Street girl, Woman of bad living, Macadam Flower, Belle de nuit... to name just a few. In common consciousness, all of these terms are equivalent because they all refer to the same activity: a transactional sexual act. The reality is that a synonym, although it belongs to the same class of a group of words that have the same meaning, in certain contexts it is not always possible to substitute it with one of its synonyms without changing the meaning of the sentence and the message that we really wanted to convey. In short, words may be synonymous in some contexts but are not synonymous in others.

Well, the same goes for words referring to sex workers. The term you choose to use to address this girl you want to meet will reflect two things: the way you perceive her and the way she will perceive you. This mirrored perception will greatly influence the interaction and the scheduled date with that lady. If you talk and act towards her like if she was a hooker or a whore in your eyes, while she is clearly marketing herself as being an Escort Girl or a Courtesan, expect two types of attitudes from that lady : either she will cut the contact with you without giving you the chance to meet or she will accept to meet you but then provide you with the experience of being with a hooker or with a whore (meaning very basic sexual experience, lack of attention on the context and on the hygiene and extremely transactional oriented date). Yes gentlemen, words do matter. 


The little subtlety that makes all the difference

As I must have already talked about in one of my previous articles, not all girls who offer paid sexual services belong to the same category. Indeed, there is a significant difference between a Courtesan, an Escort, a Prostitute and a Hooker/Whore. You still don't see which one? Well, let's take the example of cars (certainly more meaningful for you, gentlemen). You want to get from point A to point B. Whether you drive a Peugeot 306, a BMW X5 or an Aston Martin DBS, you will surely get to your destination. The only difference will be explained in the quality of the experience during this journey, in your sensations and your feelings. The same applies with sex workers. Typically, these fours categories of women (the Courtesan, the Escort, the Prostitute and the Hooker/Whore) will give you what you came for. On the other hand, at different intensity levels. The courtesan will normally exceed your expectations, the escort will make you forget the monetary aspect of the date as for the prostitute, she will be content to give you what you paid for, no more and no less. The hooker/whore is at the lowest level of the podium and simply needs your money to survive so, she will basically to anything for a bit of money. So yes, all four have the mission of making you reach orgasm, but each in their own way. Depending on your budget and the experience you are looking for, you will choose one or the other of these ladies. In many cases, the type of experience that appeals to you will reflect your honest opinion about this woman's activity and how you morally position yourself toward the idea of paying for the company of a woman to satisfy your sexual urges. Some men are at peace with this concept, others have internal conflicts with this fact, which can also be felt in the way they address the sex worker they have chosen to meet.


Courtesan, Escort, Prostitute, Hooker/Whore: How do you perceive her?

I am not teaching you anything by saying that for a large majority of men, the ideal woman does not exist since we all know that this love must remind him of a mother, a wife and a whore. This combination of these three dimensions being extremely rare (at least over a lasting period of time), a man will often look elsewhere for this side that he is missing, and which is essential to his physical and mental balance. In general, it is the inclination of the submissive and available girl that he misses and that he seeks from the sex worker. However, you should distinguish how you perceive this woman from how you address her because remember, you are in a transaction deal. So, it’s clear that if you contact her and say “Hey little whore. What time are you available from? ", expect one of three reactions: she won't answer, she will block your number or respond aggressively. The more degrading the term you choose or not in line with the experience she offers, the more you will have these types of reactions during your first interactions with a sex worker. It is by examining her escort advertising profile carefully that you will be able to determine what type of experience this girl offers. But if she feels insulted or devalued by you, expect that her perception of you will also be triggered.


Courtesan, Escort, Prostitute, Hooker/Whore: How does she perceive you?

You should know that despite appearances, girls in this industry are very sensitive, touchy but also insecure. The way a sex worker in Switzerland perceives you will influence the quality of service she will be providing. Therefore, the more positive her perception of you, the more likely you are that your time with her will be memorable (especially when you are dealing with a courtesan or an escort). So be very careful about the vocabulary you use to address her, to talk about this industry or to give your opinion on the girls who do this escort job in Switzerland. If a sex worker has a bad perception of you, she could: no longer pick up/reply to your messages when you try to contact her, block your number, find an excuse to never see you, respond to you in the same way you addressed her. For example, if you say to her: “Don’t you think you’re a little too expensive for a whore? ”, expect her to say something like “Fuck you, asshole!” or even “If you think of it for a minute, my time is certainly less expensive than what you have to pay for your wife whom you can’t even fuck anymore!”. You provoke her and she feels insulted, she may well respond in this way. Whereas if you say to her: “Hello dear Marie. I looked at your profile and I would like to meet you. On the other hand, it's a bit difficult financially for me and I can't pay 400 CHF for 90 minutes. Do you offer any alternatives? ". To this, the response might be: “Hello Paul. Thank you for your message. You always have the option to shorten your date (the quality of my service will remain unchanged) or to go for my Super-Combo offer, 90 minutes for 300 CHF.” What makes all the difference here is the tone. As being the client who initiates the first contact, the ball is always in your court to begin with. The direction you throw it in will greatly influence your experience with this girl. Certainly, there are many other levers on which you can rely to maximize the success of a date with a sex worker in Switzerland. On the other hand, remember that when you initiate the contact, words and terms have power and you can choose to use them for or against you.


What to keep in mind ?

Gentlemen, stop calling her a prostitute, a whore or a hooker as it will not get you far. Consciously or not, the words/terms used to talk about/describe a sex worker are a reflection of the respect showed towards their activity. Therefore, even if you have a loathsome opinion of the job she does, but still want to enjoy it from time to time: play the game so that you never leave as a loser!


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