22 / 10 / 2023
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How to become a successful escort?


It's a tough question. One misconception is that only beautiful girls make money. However, beauty is very subjective. More importantly, many women don't realize that external beauty is not enough to become a desirable woman.

Moreover, no matter how desirable a woman is, she can never attract all men. Being successful and earning money as an Escort is not exactly an easy thing to achieve. Even when women are able to earn a lot of money for a period of time, it doesn't necessarily mean they are successful with clients and it doesn't mean they are promised a successful future. There are plenty of escorts who may seem 'successful' for a while, but for those who see 'from the outside' it is that behind the scenes, they may have very little prospect for the future.

In my opinion, as a former escort, being a successful escort means establishing a good regular clientele and working towards an alternative career, as this equates to long term success in a healthier environment in every way.

Short-term goals of making quick money often have negative implications, physically and mentally. I cannot convey in writing how many escorts I have met who have sacrificed their mind, body and soul for big money - from beauty queens - to drug addicted, disfigured women in a very short period of time. Drug/substance addictions and physical/mental damage. A reality for many escorts working in this industry. Tragically, many women who reach this tragic stage have had no choice - too often women are lured by mass exploitation and false promises in the sex industry. As well as being exposed to drugs and alcohol, working too often can make an escort harden (in the sense that it loses its humanity, its sensitivity, its spontaneity, its authenticity) or 'finish' (done) too quickly.

In other words, working too frequently will make their experiences with clients more rigid and therefore the chances of establishing a generous and 'wealthy' clientele will be slim. I personally recommend working less, if that is an option. Once a woman can become established as an independent escort, I recommend working less, with higher rates for a select clientele. And ultimately, success will inevitably come with a select clientele and a healthier life!

For the most part, customers want good sex and good company. I've seen many beautiful girls who are gullible and think they will always dominate. Outward beauty alone has nothing to do with making a true connection with a worthy client.

Another interesting thing I noticed is the POWER of chemistry. I really believe in this, as I have observed in several cases. I've seen girls who are were not really 'requested', being all of a sudden were constantly 'requested'. I have noticed that at certain times of the 'lunar cycle', men are somewhat 'spellbound' by certain girls. For example: a woman's body would give off an intoxicating, delicious scent. Usually this sensation is said to be around the time of ovulation. Strange, no?

I remember meeting a really gorgeous escort a while back, she was new to the business. Quite attractive. I told her she'd be very popular because she was quite pretty. To my surprise, she only had 1 client at the time. She told me she was desperate to make money because she had a child and was extremely stressed about her financial situation. For many men, this kind of stories can destroy 'chemistry’. I told her that she needed to relax and have a good time ... and that clients in general are a bit bothered by things like this. Basically, 'chemistry' and first impressions count for a lot.

I should also mention that many "high class" escorts give the facade of wealth/luxury, when in reality they spend all their income on goods from various designers to promote their image. She may wear Gucci bags, but that doesn't mean she is successful or rich. Ironically, the rule I've learned is that anyone who goes to great lengths to brag about their "success" or material gains is actually using bragging to mask their deep insecurities and low self-esteem. It is very easy for an escort to have a low sense of self, because wealth and "success" with clients is extremely fragile. In my opinion, a successful escort is one who is moderate in her spending; she saves a lot or invests in a home and/or education, because she is aware that she cannot sell her time this way forever.

Extremely expensive girls are not necessarily more "worthy" than more moderately priced girls. But don't get me wrong: when the price is way too low compare to the market price, this should be seen as a red flag that must not be ignored by clients.

The escort industry simply exploits the fact that some men will pay a lot of money for a woman who is apparently of the "upper" class. The price difference does not always reflect the quality of the girl, but rather is simply marketing and the general economics of the city in question. However, quality can exist. Like I said, there are women who set their rates high and can also offer a more "quality" experience because they are more selective with their clientele and probably work less often - and to get one like that is a gamble.

An escort can be popular for a period of time, as mentioned above... even the most beautiful girl will go from being popular to being in a cone of shadow.

As you all know, many girls complain about low income or not having enough clients. Crisis, spoiled clients, bad agency, etc... You may find many reasons why a girl didn't make good money.Such as service,location. attitude and behaviour towards customers.


How to increase the quality of your services as an independent escort?


To increase the quality of your service as an escort, you should always make sure that you offer a personal and individual service. Customers appreciate it when they feel special.

Remember that your escort photos should reflect your personality and professionalism. Take your time to create the perfect image and experiment with different poses, angles and expressions. Remember that an attractive image is key, and you communicate not only through your words, but also through your body language and behaviour. Highlight your strengths and advantages with self-confidence! It's important to know what makes you unique and special.

In addition to photos, it is important to provide information about yourself and your services. Describe yourself in a positive and welcoming way and highlight your strengths. Remember that your potential clients are looking for more than just your appearance - they also want to get to know your personality. Think about what services you offer and be specific to meet customer expectations. Also, explain your prices and any extras to inform potential clients about your services.


Use humour

Laughter connects people and brings joy. Use humour to create a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere. Tell jokes or funny stories that make your customer laugh. Humour is a great way to engage the client right from the start and make the meeting a fun experience.

Another important way to improve the quality of your service is to focus on cleanliness and hygiene. Make sure you and your working environment are always fresh and clean. Use high quality products and keep everything looking neat and attractive. Ultimately, it's important to be confident and professionally appear. Customers want someone who knows what they're doing and is confident. Show empathy, be attentive and make sure your customers feel comfortable and relaxed. The bottom line is that high quality service always pays off and leads to satisfied customers who are happy to return.

Professionalism and discretion are paramount, so whether through an agency or independently, the escort must project that image of unique discretion that all clients seek.


Excellent attitude

A high-class escort will always have an excellent attitude, an attitude that will attract the client like a magnet. She will be friendly, smiling, cheerful, optimistic, and very open in conversations of any kind. Girls who work in the sex industry know how important it is to have a good attitude towards the client. In fact, besides quality sex, this is the second aspect that attracts and keeps the client for a long time. If the services you offer are excellent and the attitude is very charming and pleasant, then the client will most likely seek you out again.


Strong communication skills

Strong communication skills are also necessary for an escort who wants to be a high-class one. She needs to know how to discuss many topics with her client. Let's not forget that there are clients who hire escorts just because they don't have someone to talk to about certain intimate and life topics. So, the escort must know how to handle such a conversation. In addition, she must also be a very good listener, but also an excellent psychologist in order to advise the client in the right way in case he wants advice. Sometimes the client will just want to be listened to and understood, while other times they will want to engage you in the conversation they are having. Many high-class ladies are intelligent and definitely have solid communication skills and a good education.

Definitely a high class escort is an educated and elegant woman. She will not embarrass her client if he invites her to dinner or to an event. Education consists of both using common sense and having a solid general knowledge to be able to exchange a lot of information on many current topics. A high-class escort will know how to approach any conversation with elegance and will have manners when going out in society. She will simply be so polite and pleasant that no one will know that she is actually an escort.


In conclusion

In my experience as a former escort-girl, it doesn't matter how beautiful you are, if you are tall or short, if you have or don't have any shape or  surgery or not. Whether or not you have long hair or of a certain color. I was really interested in this aspect by the way. Because there is a rumor going around that blond and long-haired women would attract more men. Totally false! Every woman, regardless of their hair color and length, has her own charm to attract a certain amount of men.

It's all about attitude, character and behaviour towards men and how professional you are in your service.

You don't have to be a femme fatale to be a successful escort. What it takes is to be confident, dynamic, professional and to be patient enough to fully succeed in this job.


Selena for TheVelvetRooms 

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