22 / 05 / 2020
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Tips for Ladies : 5 Secrets to become the best Escort!

When you are working as a Service Provider, there will always be that one Escort in your area that, everyone wants to book for an encounter. If you’re not currently the “it” Escort, don’t be discouraged. If you play your cards correctly, you may become that Escort too, the one every man wants to spend time with.

Look and personality are a big factor in becoming the best Escort in Switzerland. To get to that level, you will have to polish your image and promote yourself properly. But on top of that, you will also have to be seen as irresistible to clients. No matter if you are slim or curvy, black or white, Swiss or not Swiss, it is your attitude which will make the difference. Here are my 5 secrets for you Ladies, to become the Escort everyone wants to meet :


1. Smile !

The vast majority of Escorts doen't smile. They only think about using enough make-up so smiling will not be necessary. This is wrong, of course. Clients want to visit Escorts who are happy and enjoyable to be around. When they can see your smile in your photos/videos, it is very reassuring for them because you are making them feel that time spent with you is going to be a good time. A smile can tell a lot about your personality and honestly, it is the best complement to your profile information you can have.

A profile that informs the client you are sweet and kind is validated further with a charming smile. Clients read a lot into the smile you give them. For them, a girl who smiles is a girl who is: warm, kind, affectionate, gentle. If you don’t allow your face to be shown in your profile pictures, consider showing your lips, highlighted by a magnificent grin ! And please, make sure to keep that big smile during your first few moments of meeting your clients. Your smile is your best weapon, your best ally. It means a lot to customers and the girls who understand it work much better than others.


2. Be positive !

The Escort girl every client wants to see has a great attitude.  She is a positive person, not arrogant and she knows how to spread positive energy around her. Being a positive Escort will help you attracting much more business. Clients are drawn to women who are upbeat, happy and passionate. They want to spend time with a woman who embodies youthful inspiration and optimism. Even if this is difficult for you to master, you need to find a way to project this to clients. If being an Escort is what you chose to do, show that you are happy to be an Escort. Always makes your clients feel like they are your favorites and that you love spending time with them.

To become more popular, be careful the way you speak to your potential clients (especially on the phone) : for many of them, the intonation/sound of your voice can be a turn on or a turn off. Be enthusiastic, interesting and interested. Please, when you are with a client, don’t indulge in self-criticism or disparaging comments against yourself. It is not sexy showing low self-esteem. Clients do not pay you to have this kind of experience and hear yourself complaining about your life but they want you to instantly be ready to dole out the attention on them.


3. Be confident !

Confidence is a huge factor in becoming the best escort ! For men women who are confident are also the sexiest. When a woman is sure of herself, that comes across as a sign to men that she will be good in bed and that she’s someone you want to get to know.

Focus on being the best you can be, showcasing your beauty to the maximum and providing the most fulfilling experiences for clients possible. If you believe in yourself, clients will, too. It’s something that you can control through projecting self esteem and contentment with yourself. Being a confident Escort will take you far !


4. Listen to them !

Darling : listen to your clients. A Top-Escort girl has learned how to listen to her clients. Some Gentlemen simply want an escort who makes them feel important and significant. You can easily do this by listening to them. Most Escorts only hear the clients bt they don’t listen. You still can’t see the difference? Listening means that you are able to interact and respond appropriately with questions or comments the encourages them to continue to share.

Many clients who will come to see you are searching someone who can really listen to them, and an escort who fills this role becomes invaluable, creating a regular client within a very short period of time. Make your customers feel comfortable enough to share their stories, concerns and joys with you. This quality can be difficult to acquire, but by starting with a positive attitude that makes your customer the most important person at that specific moment; you can develop this talent/communication skill fairly quickly.


5. Improve your communication skills !

You want to be skyrocketed to success? Have strong and unparalleled communication skills ! A client wants to see you? If you don’t follow through with good communication efforts he may visit you once but will never come back. Tease him through your conversations, enticing him further to make him want to see you again.

From the very first contact with him, create a tasteful, sexually-charged exchange of communication that provides clear details about the encounter, location, time and what to expect. Men like to know exactly what they should expect so, be transparent with them. Let your client know about any ground rules, including your insistence for discretion. Your communication leading up to the encounter can set the stage for an exciting event or can downplay a client’s excitement for meeting you if you don't know how to be clear, concise and professional.



Remember this ladies: the most popular and the best working Escorts are not the ones with the most advantageous plastic. Those who become great courtesans are those women who succeed in completely removing doubt, fear and shame from the men who come to see them. These ladies manage to create a relationship of trust with these men who can finally be fully themselves in the company of a stranger who, paradoxically, will never judge them. This solid confidence creates in these men a moment of well-being which can quickly transform into a form of addiction to that feeling. This dependence means that they will always return to the one capable of offering them this gift: this privilege and this enjoyment of being themselves at last and which for them has a priceless value.

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