17 / 01 / 2020
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Should you swallow or not ? - Are Sex Workers more exposed to diseases...?

When your client comes in a condom, the question doesn't arise, it goes inside something that doesn't require us to know its taste or texture.

On the other hand, when you give oral sex, it's a different story...


Some interesting figures

In case you didn't know it, semen is made up of 70% seminal fluid in which we find sugar, fructose and proteins. 30% of semen is made up of fluid from the prostate and Cowper's glands (on each side of the urethra). In all of this, sperm make up no more than 1% of the semen content.  There are about 100 to 200 million sperm cells per millilitre of ejaculation! Crazy, isn’t it ?


Its texture varies

It is also important to know that not all semen tastes the same from one man to another. Similarly, the same person may see the taste of his sperm change depending on the time of day.

Studies have shown that eating habits can affect the smell and taste of sperm. In general, a man with a diet rich in fruit will have a sweeter tasting sperm, while spices, alcohol or red meat will make it more bitter or acidic.

In addition, the texture of sperm varies. It can be more or less thick, rather white or transparent. For example, if a man has frequent ejaculations, his semen will be rather transparent, while a few days of abstinence will make a thicker and more opaque semen.


As an Escort, do I have to swallow my client's semen?

Swallowing your client's sperm may seem a little weird... One is not sure what's in the semen, it's not the most visually appetizing liquid, in short... the idea may seem repulsive.

What is certain is that you should never offer a service you are uncomfortable with and/or which doesn't suit you. Some Escorts offer it to their clients, but you are not obliged to do it, nothing and nobody forces you to do it if it not your own choice (as in any sexual act, of course).

You should also know that although more than 90% of the clients appreciate natural fellatio (yes, this is a popular and much appreciated service, especially in the German part of Switzerland), very few are interested in this service which is called "swallowing". In fact, it is a practice that is not very popular among men, except for those looking for very submissive women or women who offer the PSE (Porn Star Experience).

This is a good thing because it is not the favourite service of Escorts either, on the contrary...


Is swallowing sperm dangerous?

Escorts who choose to swallow are women who are generally more libertine and have already a few years of experience in this industry. Many of them also choose to reserve this very intimate service exclusively for their regular clients, because a relationship of trust has been established between them.

Women who choose to offer this service charge more money because this practice is not available with all Escorts.

Some Escorts who do not wish to "swallow" will offer their clients a mouth ejaculation (CIM = Come In Mouth) which can also be provided in exchange for a financial supplement.

Do you risk anything by swallowing your client's sperm?

Many doctors will tell you that the semen itself is not dangerous but what is inside can be. But the same could be said of an unhygienic mouth. It can also carry bacteria if it is not fresh and clean. Cummulingus or rimjob are also services which, if the hygiene is not impeccable, are at risks.


Are Escorts who perform certain acts more exposed to diseases?

Sex, whether paid or not, must be done in the most hygienic way possible, which does not prevent from offering a wide range of services, including CIM, COF, Swallow.... Whether it is personal hygiene, the hygiene of your apartment and of course that of your partner. Change your bed sheets after each appointment, offer each client a clean towel, empty your trash can regularly, freshen up your apartment several times a day, take a shower after and before each appointment, disinfect your sex toys after and before each use, wash your hands several times a day...

Rumours that say that Escorts are more likely than other women to transmit disease are wrong. For street prostitutes, it certainly is. On the other hand, for those of a certain level, offering a high standard of service, spending a lot of money on their appearance and on the location where they receive their clients, these accusations lose all their meaning.

An Escort of a certain level, with a certain education, with high rates, who chooses to do this job on her own will does not take such risks. She protects herself, has medical check-ups several times a year and is very careful (more than the average woman) because this job is important to her, ass he may she intend to do it for a certain period of time (because she has  projects or to reach her financial goals) and also and especially because in 95% of the cases she has a private life that is even more important to her than this Escort job. Statistically, sex workers are also better informed than the average woman about sexually transmitted diseases.

The girl you meet on Tinder or in a disco and who is also looking for a one-night stand will certainly be much less demanding in terms of sexual hygiene... And if the man knows how to go about it and takes advantage of the situation, many lucid girls will end up sleeping the first night without protection...

As for your mistress, who knows if she really no longer sleeps with her husband/lover?


To close the topic...

I will end this article on a little anecdote that can give you the creeps... My mother has been an anesthetist for years (and it's true). Five years ago, sitting by the fireplace in the living room, we were talking about infidelity. And suddenly she confessed to me the following:

"You know, on average, for 1 out of 3 births, we doctors know that the child is not the biological child of the partner or husband who believes it is his/her son/daughter. The blood type is infallible. But bound by professional secrecy, we do not say anything. The child will probably never know, the father will certainly never imagine such a thing and when it comes the mother well… no comment. "

Here's another taboo subject, which have us thinking far beyond the initial topic of this article...

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