22 / 12 / 2023
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Let’s talk a bit more about Independent Escorts…


What makes up the image of a desirable and conquering woman? Standards may differ, but one thing is certain: the image of the perfect woman has evolved over time. Initially, women were perceived as sensitive and dreamy, romantic, fragile, seeking affection and love, and this is what characterized them on an intimate level. The possessive man always found satisfaction in the docile, submissive woman. But not all men were like that, just as not all women fit the generally accepted pattern. Emancipation brought with it a lot of changes in a woman's behaviour and definition. Terms such as affirmation, women's rights, power, social status, independence began to be used.From here to specific terms like independent escorts was only a step. And the step was taken pretty quickly. Independent escorts are those women who break the usual pattern of the classic woman. Now, independent escorts are those who have had the courage to follow their own path in life, regardless of preconceptions or malicious opinions found in society.

Why do you think men would prefer a strong woman who is in control of her destiny and does not need a protective male hand? Obviously, we can't generalise, because not every man chooses a woman by such standards. But there are many who do. The image of a strong woman is reflected in the image of an independent escort and attracts, because there is something mysterious and pleasant in a female authority. There is something about an independent escort that attracts and mesmerizes, because a confident woman manifests a special sexual attraction.

There are a few preconceptions about independent escorts and bossy women in general:


They are Incapable of Love

Nothing could be further from the truth. A woman's power to express independence in no way interferes with her ability to experience deep feelings. In the case of independent escorts we are dealing with a woman who is both strong and sensitive at the same time. Her femininity is explored from an authoritative stance, which does not detract in the least from her value.


They are arrogant and materialistic

Another unfounded preconception. There is not so much arrogance in the character of a bossy woman as there is a need to be loved. A man's financial situation matters, indeed, for a simple woman, but also for an independent escort. The aspect that is ignored is that a man's financial situation reflects his power and social status, contributing to the formation of a certainty of protection and the image of an imposing and authoritarian masculinity of the man.


Independent Escorts seen as second-class citizens

Such gratuitous claims are based on nothing but the ignorance and ignorance of those who support them. There are independent escorts who owe their fame strictly to male appreciation. In the circles of those who accept the phenomenon, they are seen as service providers, for which they must be paid, otherwise their demands are denied. And many of them are paid extremely well, because men value the style and refinement, and these two characteristics are just a few of the many necessary for the job of an independent escort. It's not as simple or trivial as some make it sound.


They come from a lower social class

Again, completely untrue. Not all of them come from poor background.  In fact, many independent escorts have a high social status. In this case, the social perception belongs to an uneducated majority that does not know much on the subject of independent escorts.

Besides, independent escorts are in every society, no matter how poor or rich, because material gain is not the only criterion according to which some women all over the world decide to become independent escorts. Many do it out of pleasure for what the job itself offers, or even necessity. Women, as independent escorts, will be loved and admired, respected in a way they may not be considered in an ordinary life.


Being an independent escort: not for everyone!

It should also be borne in mind that not all women can be independent escorts. It requires a certain psychological predisposition and a certain character with certain inclinations towards a profession such as independent escorts. And such women are not extremely hard to find, but, on the other hand, they are not very common either. And this is precisely because the profession of independent escort involves certain predispositions and traits that are not specific to most women. The job of independent escort is extremely sought after and appreciated by men, because its benefits are not limited to ephemeral pleasures that can easily be forgotten. Thanks to an independent escort, a deeper need for socialization and affirmation of male potency can be satisfied. The man feels conquering, successful and strong. He experiences new feelings and ends up redefining his personality in a much more positive way than the way he felt before meeting her.

A man "touched" by an independent escort is someone who will not forget the experience that gave him new meanings regarding the tender side of the human being. You could object that an ordinary woman can do the same thing. That there is no need for independent escorts because all women are capable of empathy and affection. But in saying that, you overlook one essential thing about independent escorts: they represent a unique category of women, apart from the rest. There is a crucial difference between ordinary women and independent escorts. In independent escorts, the affection and tenderness they are capable of, are educated and perfected. Their full-time job is to hone their conquering skills and reach a point that an ordinary woman often doesn’t reach (except when it comes to very deep love): the man's soul. That is why they will always be favoured although not necessarily well considered in society, but the services they provide will always be sought after by men who appreciate them and the way they make them feel.

There are many independent escorts all over the world. The vast majority want to offer to gentlemen a little bit of the true and guilty pleasure that they don't have very often in their lives. Therefore, men who visit them (regularly or sporadically) should appreciate their company and see the services they provide as a precious “get away” that contributes in improving their intimate life as a partner, husband or boyfriend.


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