02 / 03 / 2022
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Why becoming an Escort is more challenging than ever before?

There was a time when being an Escort was even more taboo than it is today. The media coverage of the industry and its democratization via the Internet has made this work more accessible, less taboo and more exposed.

Having more girls getting into the sex business also means more competition and that pushes prices down.

To hope to earn properly in this profession, you have to make efforts that were not necessary 10 or 15 years ago. In order to earn a very good living, an Escort must become a real organized "entrepreneur".

So, what are the qualities of a successful Escort? What challenges does she have to face? How to dissociate yourself from the competition? These are the few questions we will try to answer in this article.

The Escort preferred by customers: natural and smart

Contrary to all expectations, the stereotype of the blonde Escort with big boobs and the service of a porn star is definitely a cliché. Admittedly, these girls "catch" the eye of many customers who will certainly let themselves be tempted once or twice, but she’s not the woman who makes them dream. She’s not the one they will go to see again and again on a regular basis.

Customers who have the means, will prefer a girl-next-door (without silicone and without botox in the lips), with natural shapes, short and manicured nails, long hair, wearing discreet make-up and always dressed elegantly. They will also appreciate her communication skills, her hobbies that she likes to talk about (other than shopping and social media), as well as her hospitality, kindness and gentleness. They will always prefer the one who knows how to be discreet, who is 100% an independent Escort and who offers a real GFE experience.

Finally, the Escort they will always go back to see is the one who is non-judgmental, who knows their habits and who offers a very constant service. And this, regardless of the social background where she comes from, her physical appearance or her skin color. If she can make her client feel "special" in her company, then he will always go back to see her, no matter what.

The challenges when starting out as an Escort

Becoming an Escort in 2022 is not a piece of cake! Basically, because of the fierce competition that now exists in the market. Although, there are still far fewer Escorts offering their services than clients willing to pay for these services, clients have nowadays a larger choice than 10 or 15 years ago.

Competition is everywhere: on the internet (specialized websites but also totally amateur sites), in brothels, in Escort Agencies, in massage parlors (which often offer more than what is advertised in the display window), classified ads in free newspapers, dating applications such as Tinder but also the emergence of another form of prostitution: the Sugar-Daddy and Sugar-Baby relationship.

Also, customers tend to be pickier. They pay more attention to details that were of little importance 20 years ago. Today they want their money's worth. The girl must be beautiful, have generous assets, have an interesting range of services, be able to communicate in his own language, have flexible availability and be responsive. If so, they will look elsewhere.

The economic difficulties the world has been facing for the past 2 years and the upcoming crisis linked to geopolitical conflicts are gradually increasing the cost of living on a global scale. Middle-class customers (who represent the majority segment of Escorts customers) are more cautious about spending. Either they remain regular customers but spend less, or they spend the same amount of money but come less than they use to. In both cases, it's less money for the Escort.

Finally, the downward pressure that some girls exert on their rates is making the sex market fragile. Some desperate girls are ready to do anything for a few Swiss francs. Indeed, when you have on the same advertising platform price differences that range from normal to bottom-low, it’s clear that things get complicated for those who offer an upscale service. As a general rule, the customer never complains about a price that is too low but will moralize you because of your prices which (yet commensurate with your service) will seem disproportionate to him.

Tips for a good start

Whether your goal is to be an occasional Escort or to make it your main activity, it’s important to understand that you no longer become an established and in-demand Escort in just a few months.

That era is well and truly over. Today patience and consistency are necessary to hope to earn a very good living as an Escort Girl.

So how do you get off to a good start to maximize your chances of being a successful Escort? There are of course a lot of tips to share on the issue but unfortunately, I will not have time to address them in this article. However, here are 6 basic tips that I advise you to follow:

* To get started in this industry, choose a country whose language you’re familiar with (or, if you speak English, where English is not a problem). Communicating and exchanging ideas with customers makes up 50% of the work. This aspect can be a major handicap where you don't give yourself the best chance of earning well.

* Pick a name and style and stick to it. Men are creatures of habit and routine. When we disrupt their routine, they resist. Do not change your name or style (hairstyle, hair color, dress style, etc.) too often. Create a branding around your image and don't change it.

* Diversify your service. In order to expand your potential clientele, offer different types of service, being careful not to mix radically opposed services. For example, you can offer in parallel to your GFE service, an erotic massage service. But it is a marketing blunder to offer domination services and simultaneously relaxing massages. These are radically opposite services that will create confusion in the client's head and he will therefore prefer not to contact you.

* Don't play yo-yo with your rates. Instead, favor fixed prices (neither too low nor too high compared to the local market) that allow customers to find their way around. Avoid charging more in one city than in another. This is a guarantee of stability for the client and it also reassures him because he knows what to expect financially.

* Retain your regular customers. There are different ways to reward the loyalty of existing customers. How to proceed is up to you. It is essential not to overlook this point because your regular customers represent your guaranteed income.

* Invest in your image. So that doesn't mean redoing your breasts, buttocks, lips... No, I'm talking about photos, videos, selfies that you have to renew at least 3 to 4 times a year (about every 3 months is the right balance). If you have a website, update it regularly and write a few articles on topics that are important to you. If you are active on social media, choose only one of them and be very active on it. Better to have one with interesting content rather than 3 or 4 that you have trouble managing (and whose inactivity degrades your image instead of improving it).

Being an Escort Girl in 2022: still worth it?

Escorts who are still very successful in this competitive market have become real Business Women. They are not necessarily the most beautiful physically. Above all, they are charming, eloquent, intelligent, organized and dedicated to their Escort work, which they take very seriously and practice as an independent Escort. And if you ask them if it's still worth being an Escort in 2022, they'll tell you "yes"! One of them recently confessed me this:

“You know Janet, I've been an independent Escort in Switzerland for 5 years. I have my own website and a regular clientele which has allowed me to continue to work well over the past two years (Covid period). And even if it’s true that my income has dropped a little bit, I still manage to earn more than 4000 EUR net per week. Really, I am not to be pitied and I have no intention of changing profession”.

So, a word to the wise. ;-)

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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