19 / 03 / 2023
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Escort Girls and TikTok : the good and the ugly…

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve surely heard of TikTok, the Chinese app launched in 2016 through which millions of people share videos and connect with each other. It is now the largest clip sharing application in the world where you can find all kinds of video content...and Escort Girl content too.

What videos can you see on TikTok?

TikTok is a space where anything is possible when it comes to videos. Every day, more than 13 million videos are published there (dance choreographies, sketches/short jokes, performances, quite spectacular make-up tests, videos in lip synchronization...). All of this takes place in a very short time: maximum 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 3 minutes. Videos that greatly entertain teenagers and young adults across the globe. In January 2022, TikTok had more than a billion users worldwide.

TikTok and Escort Girls

So of course, given the popularity of this social media, it's no surprise that the adult industry also wants to use TikTok to expand its visibility. Escort Girls on TikTok are much more numerous than you might think. And the more difficult the economy, the more Escort girls will look for platforms where they will be able to find new pool of clients. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, it is the worldwide popularity of that social media that explains why you can find so many sex workers on TikTok (especially the youngest among them who are between 18 and 30 years old) have almost all a counts on TikTok (I speak here in the feminine but it is clear that the platform also attracts Escorts Boy and Trans / Queer / Transvestites). But why using TikTok for an Escort Girl when there are already a whole series of other social media options to promote yourself? Why do Escort girls love TikTok so much?

TikTok compared to other social media

In one of our previous articles (Escorts and Social Media), we spoke at length about Escorts and social media, trying to understand why so many Escort girls are on Instagram, OnlyFans, Facebook... Let's list each of these social media and the reasons that make them popular among Sex Workers:

Instagram: It's about taking photos and sharing them while having the option to add different/funny filters and enhance your posts. The story telling features on Instagram is probably the most interesting for an escort girl has it gives her the opportunity to brand themselves visually without having to spend much money. The girls who can learn how to do that can quickly build a massive audience, especially those Escort girls who take this job seriously, who work with values and purpose and who are consistent. Of course, to grab men attention, it requires some work to stand out of all the mediocre content post and we know that in this industry, the vast majority of girls are lazy and will just go for the quick fix option. Therefore, Instagram is actually not for all sex worker.

Snapchat: Snapchat is a free photo and video sharing app (although for 1year Snapchat premium option is paid). It is probably the least suitable platform for Escorts Girls. Although messages do self-destruct, you can’t assess your followers’ engagement (as they can’t like of comment your posts) and altogether, adult content is not welcomed on Snapchat. But many Escorts continue to use it even though it targets a young clientele. Note that the app will require access to your private information and to your address book ... and you are also sharing your friend's information by accepting to use Snapchat. An Escort girl on Snapchat looking for clients will unlikely find them on this platform.

Twitter : Twitter is very popular among Escorts, especially among independent Escorts because a lot of business men are using it to as an information media. In fact, the platform tends to punish intermediaries (Escorts Agency, Advertising Portal for Escorts...). Although for a few years Twitter has been deplatforming many Escort girls as the algorithm has become very sensitive to certain adult content. And if they ban you (which happen frequently, actually every day Escorts are seeing their account disappear from Twitter), you are losing you entire brand, your followers and many clients who only knew you by your Twitter nickname and hundreds of hours spent to build your account are lost on a click of a button... (and this as happened to us : Our experience with Twitter). Twitter is trying to "sanitized" the content published and it is getting harder for sex worker to use Twitter.

Facebook: Facebook is no longer what it used to be but prostitution on Facebook is still there. The platform has lost popularity and authority. It is also very popular among scammers who don't seem to get banned (at least not outside of Europe). Gentlemen, if you are looking to meet and independent escort girl, it is not the right platform to look into. Ladies, if you want to brand yourself properly, you certainly do not want to be assimilated with a company facing claims linked to sex trafficking...

OnlyFans : Certain type of Sex workers like OnlyFans. No wonder: it gives them more visibility (although it is very intrusive) and all men know that the vast majority of girls on there are prostitutes. Therefore, if nothing is said explicitly, everybody knows what’s going on there. OnlyFans is full of girls who do not assume prostitution and who hide behind this platform claiming that they only sell visual content of themselves... The downside of it: the website asks sex workers (including those only offering online services) to attach their legal identification to sex work... which for many is a bit too risky. So, you have to be smart using OnlyFans as an Escort Girl because you cannot openly say you are a sex worker (fearing to be kicked out) and it seems to be best for girls who already have another platform such as Instagram for instance (with a lot of followers already) if they want to build enough subscribers and turn it into a lucrative business. Seemingly, only 2% of girls on OnlyFans are making good money...

SugarDaddy.com : I would say that Sugardaddy.com is the very upscale version of Tinder. The clientele is different, both on the side of men and women. This type of platform is very popular for Escorts who are new to this environment or for those more experienced who have learned over time that extra meetings (even less lucrative) are important in this environment to compensate for quieter periods. On the other hand, this kind of platform is not suitable for Escort Girls who want to earn a lot of money on a constant basis. It's also very time consuming because you often have to spend a lot of time meeting people before finding one that suits you personally and financially. In addition, on higher-standing platforms (reserved for those – usually men- who have money) gentlemen often have more decision-making power on because the number of women is greater than the number of men (it’s the other way around on Tinder). This can be more difficult for professional escorts who compete with students, less financially demanding women and others really looking for a serious relationship...

YouTube : Haven’t you noticed that there are almost no Escort Girls on Youtube ? Well, that’s because Youtube does not allowed this kind of content and you will get banned if you get too explicit. Moreover, it will take you ages to establish yourself on Youtube and as everything is made public, maybe that’s not where you want to be found actually…especially if you and your clients are looking for discretion.

TikTok : Escorts Girls on TikTok is a trend that is not about to end up anytime soon. First of all, the platform makes it easy and fast to create, record, edit and post tailored videos in no time. So, for all these lazy Escort Girls who do not want to put too much time and energy in making content, it’s probably the way to go. Then, it has become more popular than all the other social media listed above so, of course Escort Girls too consider signing up for TikTok. Meaning that, Escort girls using TikTok will be offered more visibility than publishing on other platforms. The other reason why Escort Girls like TikTok is because it tailored based on each user’s past activity and current interest. In other words, men into Escort Girls will be suggested videos of Escort Girls. Moreover, if you are using properly the “Discover” section, clients can find Escort Girls on TikTok searching for specific sounds, hashtags or accounts. And if you are an Escort Girl who makes great videos (showing your face or not), you can become popular overnight and without the need of being very explicit. The smartest will know how to redirect these potential customers to one of their other social media and make them real active clients...

The problem with TikTok

TikTok is increasingly popular among Escort Girls. TikTok currently has the most powerful and advanced video filters and it is systematically used before posting a video, especially by women. This filter is not only making the lips and cheeks more plump, but it actually reconstructs the bone structure of the face, making it look close to perfection. It creates unrealistic beauty standards and many Escort Girls will use videos made on TikTok to promote their sex work business. Clients will often fall for these women who look super "hot" and be disappointed when showing up at the date. The same goes for selfies which are often automatically enhanced, making women believing that's really how they look (lowering their self-esteem) and misleading clients who may think they have been tricked. At TheVelvetRooms (TVR), we have been against filtered and photoshopped content for many years and our videos are 100% natural and unfiltered: www.kissedbylight.ch . What you see is what you get.

What do Escorts' clients really like?

Unfortunately, Escort Girls on TikTok - even those who aren't but have been active in the industry for many years - still don't understand what good clients really like in a woman. They are into true beauty, honesty and having you showing your real self. Men also find women more likeable when they aren't seen as too perfect. Now you know why your friend who is considered being a girl next door may get no look when you both are hanging together in the city (while you look like a 10) but actually gets more calls and earn more money as an Escort than you do ...

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