19 / 02 / 2020
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WhatsApp/SMS communications : how to maximize your chance of getting a reply?

For ten years, text messages have become one of the preferred way for hobbyists to contact their ephemeral adventures and since the WhatsApp application has existed, it has even overtaken the SMS.

Appreciated by men, text messages are not always the favorite pick for Escorts who only respond to them once in two and we are going to try to understand why in this article.


Why do clients like to send SMS / Whatsapp messages ?


Lack of confidence

Despite the appearances, most men are very insecured and lack self-confidence. Calling a woman for the first time - especially a stranger - can be very destabilizing. So they hide themselves behind a text message to facilitate the first contact.



Some men, by principle refuse to use their phone and justify it for reasons of discretion ... They do not want to leave "traces" on their telephone bills and prefer to communicate this way, especially via WhatsApp.


„For fun"

Although practical, SMS / Whatsapp messages are so simple and easy to access that everyone, including the "time wasters" can use them. Because it's almost free, those we call "bad customers" abuse it. This means of communication is used by these men to harass Escorts (insulting messages), to prove their virility (indecent photos) or simply to fly the time because they have nothing else to do (absolutely no respect for the time of the Escort who also has no value in their eyes and these men).


Looking for Love

Some men are looking for love on Escorts websites… Bizarre…

I don't know if they realize that this is the wrong place to look for love ... In short, if the Escort realizes that you are looking for something that she obviously cannot provide you with and that will only make her waste time, energy and money, she will quickly distance herself from it, won't answer you or even block your number.


What do Escorts think about text messages?

Escorts of a certain standing will tell you all: they prefer a phone call rather than a text message for the following reasons:


A first "impression"

It is not because a man wants to see her that the Escort will agree to meet him. Those who take their activity seriously and who have respect for their time will prefer to hear your voice in order to judge whether or not you seem sympathetic to her. They are usually unable to find this out via text message. The tone of voice, the way of expressing yourself, the questions asked are all clues that will help the Escort to make a very first opinion of you and  decide whether or not, she would like to meet you.


Because they love the „Male Alpha“

Gentlemen, women love men who know what they want and who take the lead. Having the courage to call is a leadership process, a courteous attitude and a way of showing your seriousness and a real interest in meeting her. A man who hides himself behind a text message has another image for women when it comes to the game of seduction. We women are completely charmed by Alpha and Beta men and know how to detect them fairly quickly. We tend to dismiss Omega and Lambda men (He is this type of gray guy, shy and discreet, who we rub shoulders with at the office for years but who is so insignificant that nobody ever remembers his name ... I will try to write an article on the subject very soon) which in our sentimental and sexual radar are at the lowest level of the scale.

Women are attracted to Alpha and Beta men and have more respect for this category of men. Escorts are no exception. If a woman is attracted to your way of being, of speaking, of presenting yourself, of dressing, of looking at her, she will do everything to please you in return and will be sexually more disposed for you ... Alpha and Beta men don't hide behind text messages ...


They don't like you to waste their time!

In case you don't know it yet, women hate that you waste their time and Escort girls really can’t stand it. If you write them a WhatsApp message or an SMS and nothing concrete results (no appointment on your part) after the third text exchange. Mentally, she has already "downgraded" you and even if you end up meeting her, for her you will not be part of this category of customers for whom she always gives herself 100%. You follow me... ?

And if you still prefer that this first contact takes place via SMS, make sure you formulate your message correctly otherwise, either you will receive an unpleasant response from her, or no response at all.


What type of text message increases your chances of receiving a reply from an Escort?

Have you ever sent an SMS to an Independent Escort and never received a response? In the vast majority of cases, a non-response is justified ... Know first of all that when an Escort does not work for herself, do not always expect to have a reply to your SMS. The receptionist will often respond if it is really necessary and/or profitable.

An independent Escort who welcomes you in a charming, private and discreet Incall location, who has high rates, will only respond to your SMS and Whatsapp if they are written with respect and intelligence. If you want to maximize your chances of getting a reply to your SMS / WhatsApp, be sure to:


* Not even a greeting? No one appreciates this kind of rudeness. Begin your message by saying "Hello / Good evening.

* Give her a compliment, get straight to the point by introducing yourself shortly, making your request for an appointment in a very precise manner, mentioning the date, time and duration desired for the appointment.

* Do not ask for her address before confirming an appointment with her. She might be offended, wondering if you are a "collector" of addresses ... She could even cancel the appointment if she has too many doubts about the veracity of your interest in seeing her.

* Do not ask her questions about her prices and / or her services via SMS / Whatsapp because she will immediately classify you in the category of: "Cheap guy". If you have questions about her service, ask her over the phone. The best thing is to go back to her profile and take the time to read her text properly before contacting her. The answer to your question is certainly already in her description.

* Do not send more than 3 SMS or Whatsapp when communicating with an Escort. When the messages are too numerous, you quickly fall into the category of men "lambda" and "omega". Remember, an Escort who has no language problem will always prefer to hear the sound of your voice.

* If she sends you instructions to follow prior, during and after the appointment, please, follow them without discussing too much. Remember : it takes two to tango!

* Do not send emoji symbolizing hearts, kisses and all forms of symbols of love ... Escorts do not sell love. They rent their time to you so that you can relax, be yourself in privacy and without judgment.

* Do not send photos of yourself and even less of your penis. You take the risk of being blacklisted ...

* Be very courteous and finish your message by politely inviting her to reply and wishing her a nice day / evening.


All of these tips should help you get a nice response from the one you want to spend some time with.

But remember, the best is to call. Do not leave a message on the voicemail because the majority of girls in this community do not listen to their voicemail. Instead, try to call back later or send an SMS / WhatsApp by following my pieces of advice. Of course, this does not guarantee a response, but it will greatly increase your chances of getting one.

Remember that even if it is you who is paying, it is the Escort who decides whether this date will ever take place or not. So you might as well put the odds on your side, don't you think so?

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