26 / 03 / 2020
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Tips for Ladies : Why do so many "cheap" clients contact you?

While working as an Escort, one of the biggest challenges is to attract the most interesting male profiles. By that I mean those men who are courteous on the phone, polite in formulating their expectations, respectful during their visit and generous, even beyond your expectations.

These men are indeed in small numbers. I would say that they certainly represent 30% of all Escorts’ customers. These are the clients you should focus on. The rest will only be a waste of time and money.

So how do you attract these customers of a certain standard and transform them into regular customers? Here are some tips that I am happy to share with you.


How to recognize a "cheap" customer?

As soon as you have acquired some experience as an Escort, you will be able to detect him fairly quickly. This is usually the man who is rude on the phone because he sees you as a "thing", not as a person. He therefore addresses you badly, do not say hello, speak to you as if you were an animal and hang up in your face when he is not happy with the answers you give him.

If by chance he manages to meet you, this client is often vulgar, sometimes even dirty (he may refuse to go to the shower), neglegted, he has little conversation and will never leave you a tip or bring you a gift. He's also the kind of guy who wants everything included in a service without paying for it. He will ask you for a bunch of services that are not in your ad or that you do not offer because once again, he sees you as a „thing“. Often his level of English or German is bad ... To make it short, if he comes to see you once, my advice: block his number forever so that he never comes back again. He is not the kind of client that you deserve and even less the one appreciate your Escort work at its fair value. It's not an easy job so if you can choose who you want to meet, do it and refuse to accept just anyone. Nothing is more valuable than your integrity.


How to attract valuable customers?

If you find that too many "cheap" customers are contacting you, there is surely a problem in the way you present yourself. This presentation starts online. In fact, the advertisement that you will publish on the internet is generally the very first contact that the client has with you. You can't afford a „faux pas“. The less sophisticated your ad is, the more you will attract "weird" guys. When preparing your online advertisement, make sure to:


Your pictures

Publish stylish photos of yourself. Remember that men don't think like women. The more you strip off, the less they respect you. Showing your bare breasts, your pussy, your face full of sperm and 10cm long nails will never attract men of a certain social class. Believe me, vulgarity puts off men who have money. Present yourself in an elegant way, in evening shoes, in dress, not too much makeup and please, smile in your pictures! You will see, compliments towards you won’t stop.


Your advertising text

Make sure your text is spelled correctly and not in vulgar language. Too many girls pay a third person to write their advertising text. Very often, this person is a man who does not know you, who does not give a damn about the services you offer (and does not ask your opinion) and who will write a text worthy of a porn movie that will attract a clientele you don't want. If he works for an erotic studio or a Club, it doesn't matter to him who comes, as long as there are clients ...

Darling, the best is actually to write the text yourself (using Google translator if necessary) and have it corrected by someone who speaks the language well (English or German). Also double check that the services listed in your profile match the services you actually offer because if not, it will automatically attract men with inappropriate requests.

Before the client is at your door step, you must pay attention to two things that are critical: the environment in which you are receiving him and how you receive him. These two elements will make the customer come back to you or not.


Your location

The place where you receive your client must be a discreet and pleasant location. Again, I emphasize that men are very visual and I can assure you that they are even more picky when they have to pay ... Make sure to meet your client in a place / at an address that will not make him ashamed/uncomfortable and make sure that once inside, everything is tidy, it smells good and it feels good. Trust me, this is extremely important.


Your look and your behaviour

The way you will receive your client is also something crucial. Too many girls take their attributes for granted. Just because a customer comes to see you doesn't mean he will stay ... or even come back to you. Be elegant and smiling, pay attention to your nails (also toenails) put on beautiful lingerie, always have your heels on when you open the door and always offer him something to drink. Be interested and interesting. Be careful the way you speak : a too familiar language can play to your disadvantage. If you think the customer will come back just because you're beautiful, you’re dreaming! If you do not know how to welcome him properly, he will leave or never return again. Of course, make sure you offer him what is listed in your "menu". Never promote services that you do not offer: customers, especially those of a certain social level do not like to be taken for idiots.


Set your standard

My fifth and last tip concerns your rates. I have known customers who have confessed to me that below a certain hourly rate, they would not go to see an Escort because for them, a too low price means that there is "eel under the rock ". Too many "poor" people think that people who have money are stingy. In fact, it is not true. They can be very generous but it has to be worth it. They are also used to living in an environment where to have quality, you have to pay the price for it. So if you know the value of the experience you can share with a man, set your standard high. For the "Cheap" and the "timewasters" is quite the opposite: they are looking for the best deals and not necessary for a qualitative experience... You deserve better than that. Don’t you think so?


Escort vs Courtesan ? 

The best Escorts and those who manage to last a very long time in this industry have developed qualities far beyond these few basic tips that I have just given you. Their regular clients represents up to 60% of their whole clientele. What I’ve noticed about these ladies is that even with their regular customers, they managed to make them feel special, they know how to give the best of themselves at each encounter, giving their clients the impression that the 7th visit is as authentic and unforgettable as the very first one. That’s what makes the difference between an Escort and a Courtesan

Think about it! ;-)

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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