10 / 10 / 2020
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Why clients don’t read Escorts’ profiles?

This article is dedicated to the Models of TVR, those who have been part of the team for a few years but also to those who have joined the team recently.

Today, I am going to give you some elements to help you answering that question that many of you have been asking themselves again and over again : “Why clients do not read my profile?”

You probably don’t know about it but, in my mid-twenties, I used to work as a content writer. I used to write online profiles for Escorts. I’ve written hundreds of them. Many are still in the internet today and it is always funny to read my texts being copy-pasted several times by different Escorts from different countries…

For those who don’t know it, I studied communication at University and writing as always been something I loved doing. As a French, it took me a while to improve my writing skills in English (which is still not perfect, sorry about that) but I had to do it because that’s the world communication language. As I had a lot of experience in writing in general and in writing for Escort girls in particular, I decided to do things differently when I launched the TVR website in 2018. How I will now write the profiles of the Velvet-Models will be the opposite of what I used to be paid for.

Here is how it works and why (unfortunately) most of men do not even take the time to read Escorts’ description.

95% of the profiles content of Escorts in the internet are fake.

I was given two things when a profile request came through: a name and a photo. That’s it. I had to craft a unique background for her that somehow, it doesn’t feel the same as the several others I had already written. That’s when I had to become really creative…

Pictures may be real…or not.

So, profiles were fake, but how about the pictures ? I would say they were real.. as I mainly wrote for independent  service providers, I assume they were not using fake pictures but well…hard to tell. Why do I think that the pictures were real?

Because using fake pictures  would had run them off of reputation, especially in major big cities. Fake pictures lead to complaints and bad reviews which can affect their earnings and their career. So I assume that most of the girls I wrote profiles for, their pictures were real.

Of course, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying I wouldn’t share images (because, again, all I would receive was a name and a photo).

Why clients tend not to read your ad ?

As a general rule, when men are still "new" to using the services of an Escort, they will take the time to read and get informed because they want to do things right. What they don't know at that point is that 95% of Escorts profiles on the internet are fake (fake descriptions or fake photos, or both). The chances of him stumbling across a real profile are very slim.So he's definitely going to try, over and over again and sometimes, with some luck, stumbling across a girl who looks like the photos and seems to be as interesting as her profile describes. But it's very rare. So by dint of being disappointed, men no longer read because they no longer believe what is written in your ad (for most of them, all Escorts are the same anyway…). The vast majority only looks at the photos (hoping that they are real) and calls because anyway, these men no longer believe what is written.

Why Models’ profiles at TheVelvetRooms are different ?

When I started TVR, it was very important to me to make it a very transparent website ... as trusful as possible. I wanted to talk about things that were often taboo, to share with our Gentlemen (clients) an introspective vision of this environment, the real reality and not that of the media which is often too biased, too judgmental, too victimized.

One of the things that was close to my heart was to "humanize" the TVR Models as much as possible and describe them as they are. This is why the meetings at my office and / or the important face to face girl’s interview of 1.5 / 2 hours before joining TVR is crucial for me because it gives me the necessary elements to be able to write a real description that is as authentic as possible (while preserving your privacy), so that your future client will already know a little about you even before dating you. Feeling that he knows you a bit before seeing you creates a climate of trust between you and your client, especially if it's the first time they've met you. No false descriptions at TVR, no fake profiles because it goes against our common goal: to build a loyal clientele, men who will feel good in our company and who will always want to come back to see us. Since we started TVR, I have received many compliments from clients, very happy to have met the girl described in TVR description.

Writing an interesting and genuine description profile can be exhausting and usually takes me between 1-2 hour(s) time. I am not even charging you any money (this may change tough…) for the time spent on writing these very customized profile which will help you working better.

The world has changed and the sex industry too. Years ago, clients were not demanding and could spend a lot of money just to be able to “relief” themselves. Today, clients are still willing to pay but they need to make sure that “What they see is what they get”. This is why, real pictures (see Velvet-Label) along with an appealing and an authentic description of yourself can be a game changer. Especially if you are targeting intelligent and wealthy men from higher social classes. Indeed, “cheap men” don’t read. But these men willing to spend a few hours in your company will carefully read your profile before giving you a call. And if the way you speak, and the way you act is too far from what he read in your profile, you can be sure that he will never come back to you.

Ladies, don't underestimate the power of authenticity, it can often take you way further than  fiction...

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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