09 / 02 / 2020
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Tips for Ladies -  Should you answer private numbers ?

Ladies, I am sure you have already been harassed with continuous phone calls from withheld/unknown or private numbers, am I wrong?

How to react in this case? Should you answer the phone or should you let it ring?

As much as this seems like a super-cool and funny activity for those on the other side of the line, it is definitely not a fun ride from you point of view (the person who is being annoyed by these private calls).

In the sex business, especially in the Escort industry, hidden numbers are very common but they should not be considered as normal. Indeed, nine times out of ten, those guys have no intention to secure a booking and are simply wasting your time by taking some pleasure from making an appointments and not showing up, hearing your voice while wanking or simply because they want to sex-chat a bit.


Excuses men will give you to justify their private calls

If you pick up a call from a private number and ask him why he is hidding his number, here are the kind of answers you may have :

* „I am calling from my business number : therefore, I can’t show my number.“

Well, why is he calling from his business number at the first place? What he is doing in private should remain private. A client should never use his corporate number/devices to deal with private matters. Too many of them have been busted that way. He should separate the two „worlds“ and get himself another phone (preferably a very basic one, no smartphone), even if he ends up with a total of three phones. The phone being used for his „monkey business“  should be placed in a secured cupboard of his office or his car and turned on only when necessary.

* „I am calling from my business number : private calls are automatically settled by my company.“

Most of the time, this excuse is a bullshit. The call is hidden because he programmed it on his phone to be this way. That’s it.

* „I do not want to be called back or disturbed later on.“

I understand that some Escorts have no manners and no respect for their client’s privacy. Those Gentlemen have had bad experiences in the past, sometimes it even ruined their marriage and do not want to take any risks anymore. Alright, that’s a point but then the best option remains the use of a separate phone and sim card for his private dates as both parties (the client and yourself) have to feel comfortable and at ease during the very first contact before considering to see each other.

Indeed, are there any real reasons why a client who expects something from you do not want you to know who is ringing? What bother trying to communicate in the first place, especially when most Escorts are reluctant to take such blocked calls?


Private numbers will make you wast time and money

Remember this ladies : if someone calls you and they feel like they need to block their number, you should not take the time and spend your energy trying to talk to them. Usually calls from  "unkown callers" are the most annoying ones and they simply can make you wast time and money. Here is why :

* If you accept an appointment from a private number and the guy does not show up, you have given all your info (exact address) to someone you do not know and who is not reachable anyway unless he is the one who calls you: if he does not show up, you have wasted time to get ready and maybe you even refused another appointment from someone who called with a visible number and who was willing to come at the same time.

* Confirming an appointment from a private number also means that if he does not show up, you have no way to save his number in your personal blacklist. He will certainly try to call again at some point as he now knows that you answer calls even from unknown numbers.

* Not answering private numbers ist the best attitude to adopt because the more you answer them, the more they will call. For many men, it is a funny game. If you can do it, programm your device so it will automatically reject the private numbers.

* Finally, giving your full address to an unknown number, without even being sure that he will show up is risky. Indeed, you can accept another appointment in the meantime and that guy whom you share your info with can arrive at anytime, knocking at your door on on your window while you are busy with another client. How shameful and uncomfortable this can be for you… And the client in your company may feel the same and never come back to you again or even worste, write a bad review about his experience with you…


As an independent Escort, you should have the control of your Agenda, decide who you want to see or not and who worth your time and who doen’t. I think hiding a number when calling is very rude. A man who calls and imposes his own rules to you without respecting your time and your professionalism is not a good client anyway, no matter how much money he has or pretends to have, no matter how many hours he intends to stay. A Gentleman who comes to see an Escort will always follow her rules because he wants the date to be as „fluid“ and friendly as possible. He also understands that you need to be comfortable in order to be 100% focused on him and therefore, he will avoid doing something which may be a source of irritation for you.

Blocked calls in this industry are rarely something good. Remember ladies, you use a phone because it is an advantage for you. You don’t invest in it being advantageous for someone else. This should not be part of your overall plan.

Even if your day has been slow or if you did not make any money at all, do not lower your standards and your reputation allowing men who have no respect for your work (and for you) contacting you. The few who insist on call blocking are deluded in some way. Do not fall into their trap. Be proud of yourself, be professional and do not break your basic rules: Do not answer unknown numbers, no matter the reason. If they want to remain a private number, well you should remain private too by not answering them and it will all stay very private…


Janet for TheVelvetRooms


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