09 / 10 / 2022
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Twitter : The hypocritical social media

Dear readers,

Let me introduce myself, I am Edra and I have been part of the TVR family since 1st February 2022 as Digital Marketing Assistant.

One of my responsibilities was to launch the Twitter account, so on March 1st, TVR released its first post. I was really very honored and happy with this possibility because our page always offered interesting, constructive content and a lot of curiosity, moreover, I really wanted it to take flight because in the past the experience with another social media, Instagram, had not gone well .

After just over a month, after obtaining about fifty followers, the account was permanently blocked. I reread the rules carefully, take a deep breath and acknowledge my negligence as I had not updated the privacy, specifying that it was sensitive topics.

Well, even if not light-hearted, deeply sorry for what happened, I rolled up my sleeves and created a new account and started from scratch with an ever-increasing desire to get our page off the ground. The work behind Twitter is not improvised or randomized. To create the Twitter posts I carried out a weekly editorial plan where two posts a day were published with contents that could interest not only the world and the life of the Escorts, but also the relationship between men and women, Glamour, the activities to be carried out in Switzerland and curiosities from all over the world, in short, a page that did not tire and that satisfied everyone and not just sex lovers.

After various searches, post after post I can finally recover the lost followers from the other account, obtaining many new ones. I don't deny how difficult it was, but my satisfaction was really great because every single person who liked it appreciated my work. We are wary of accounts with many followers, buying followers is simple, but it is not part of our company policy, that of transparency and loyalty of our customers and readers.

It is said that after the storm comes the clear sky, after a few months of tranquility, last week I found the page blocked again permanently : https://twitter.com/t_velvetrooms

I was devastated. Hours and hours of work, down the drain on a click of a button but an entity which decides who is allow to publish what and how they can do it. No freedom of speech is possible here, contrary to what they try to make us believe.

We (95% of the population) are only instruments in the service of a handful of people who keep us down by selling us dreams and ensuring that some will remain down there forever: small, dependent, obedient and poor.

Our intention with that Twitter account was not to make money (because frankly, making money on social media nowadays has become extremely difficult. There are many do extraordinary well but the vast majority don't make a penny from it) but to increase our exposure on the net. But even for that, we had to fit into their mould. They brutally deleted our account overnight and for no reason. I had even learned to be extremely careful with the content of my posts and to make sure that my publication did not go against Twitter policy.

So I picked up the rules (and I haven’t broken any of them) that I had carefully reread:


Violence: You cannot threaten to use violence against an individual or group of people. Glorification of violence is also prohibited behavior.

Terrorism / Violent Extremism: You cannot threaten or promote acts of terrorism or violent extremism.

Child sexual exploitation: We have a zero tolerance policy towards child sexual exploitation on Twitter.

Abuse / Harassment: You cannot harass someone or incite others to do so. This includes wishing or expressing the hope that someone will suffer physical harm.

Conduct that Incites Hate: You may not promote violence against other people, threaten or harass them on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, class, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability, or serious illness.

Violent attackers: We will remove all accounts managed by perpetrators of terrorist, violent extremist or mass violent attacks, and we may also remove Tweets that post posters or other content produced by those perpetrators.

Self-harm and suicide: You cannot promote or encourage self-harm or suicide.

Sensitive, explicitly violent or adult content: You may not post or share excessively gory, violent or adult content, either in videos or in profile or header images. You may not post or share any content that displays sexual assault and / or violence.

Illegal or regulated goods and services: You may not use our services for illegal purposes or to support illegal activities. This includes the sale, purchase and trade of illegal or regulated goods and services. Find out more.


Private Information: You may not post or share private information relating to other people (such as telephone number and address) without their explicit permission. It is also forbidden to threaten to disclose private information or to incentivize others to do so.

Non-consensual nudity: You may not post or share a person's intimate photos or videos made or distributed without their consent.


Platform manipulation and spam: You cannot use Twitter's services to artificially amplify or suppress information, or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts the user experience.

Civic Integrity: You may not use Twitter's services for the purpose of manipulating elections or other civic processes, or to interfere with them. This includes posting or sharing content that could inhibit participation or mislead people about when, where or how to participate in a civic process.

Misleading and deceptive identities: You cannot impersonate individuals, groups or organizations in order to mislead, confuse or deceive other users, nor can you use a false identity to disrupt the experience of other users on Twitter.

Artificial and manipulated content: You may not misleadingly share artificial or manipulated media content that could cause harm. In addition, we may flag Tweets that include artificial and manipulated content to help users recognize its authenticity, as well as to provide additional information.

Copyright and Trademarks: You cannot infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights and trademarks.

After I made sure I didn't violate any of these rules, I appealed. This time I didn't really intend to throw months and months of work to the wind. When they replied to my appeal email they told me that this time the problem was that I was constantly publishing the same post with the same purpose or what TVR was about. They did not give me a way to reactivate my account, so I am left with a dry mouth one more time and with some work done that I will never be able to publish.

Another account will not be reopened. I do not deny that I was disappointed. I really hoped that the page would be seen by as many people as possible, but at this point I think that social networks are not as open to this world as they make us think and as in all things in life alas, those who put money on it go on, but it was not our purpose and therefore we are not interested in being part of it in this way.

This has been my experience with Twitter, but I don't consider it as a failure, because I have learned so many things during all these months, I have met many people and sex workers and Tantra specialists who love their work and have made it their Business, and have made me grow.  For this reason I wanted to thank all the people who followed me / us in these past months.

Edra for TheVelvetRooms

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