28 / 11 / 2019
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Why do 70% of Escort Agencies use fake photos?

Did you know that? If you are a Hobbyist*, you probably already know this because you have faced this problem several times before.

I have written many articles talking about the problem of using fake photographs in the Escorts environment. We often tend to believe that this phenomenon is mainly related to Independent Escorts who do want to hide their activity as much as possible, who do not want to show their face, who do not want to spend money on a photo shoot or who know that with their original photos they certainly would not work as well as with the photos of this Model in vogue on Instagram.

This somewhat bizarre reasoning is also found at Escort Agencies because they are in fact the leaders in the use of fake photos. It is them who "set the example" to these young women whose first experience as Escorts is often through one of these Agencies or in an erotic Studio.

Most of these agencies choose not to go for total transparency and prefer to lie to their audience in order to attract clients, as one attracts a mouse into a trap, thanks to a piece of cheese...  But why do these agencies choose to deceive their potential clients?

Here are in my opinion (and based on my experience) the main reasons why fake photos are very popular and the prefered tools of Escorts Agencies:


* Their Models are not so pretty: so you have to present more beautiful ones for the phone to ring. Once the customer is there, 80% of the time, he will choose to stay, even if he immediately understands that he has been screwed.


* The Model does not want to work with her real photos. Too many girls want a piece of the cake but give nothing in return. Showing their face is not mandatory to work well within the sex industry. Pretty pictures of a part of their body or others that hide their entire face are possible alternatives to protect one's identity.


* Their Models work illegally. Strangely, the Swiss police do little control when it comes to Escort Agencies. On the other hand, if you are the manager of a brothel, you will not escape controls. Agencies are less controlled, are often illegal (so they pay no charges and no taxes) and if they are caught by the police, it is often their word against those of the girls (who work for this Agency). If the Escorts are not the one in the pictures, it’s difficult to proove that these girls are working for the Agency. Moreover, it is important to mention that these illegal agencies are generally more active at night than during the day because of course, police controls are less frequent at night...


* Some Agencies have an ephemeral lifespan and operate for only a few months or even sometimes a few weeks... They do not want to spend money on a short-term project.  They are not interested in building a name or a regular clientele. Under these circumstances, the goal is to earn as much money as possible as quickly as possible.


* The prices offered are really very low. In this case, the chances of the customer complaining are really slim because in the end, it didn't cost him much. So it's acceptable if the girl doesn't look like the one in the pictures.


* Girls are not reliable. Indeed, an Agency may want to invest time and money in a Photo shooting but when the girl goes away after only 2 weeks, all this investment in time and money is lost without having been profitable.


* It generates traffic on their own site. The bigger a website is (the number of profiles you can find there), the greater is the chances of finding fake profiles mixed with real profiles. The problem is that fake profiles are often more numerous than real ones (and it obviously prevent the good girls with a real profile to work properly because they are mixed with fake profiles). A site that generates traffic is a site that is well positioned on Google and therefore attracts customers faster, so the photos must be impeccable... even if they are fake.


And do not think that the only pictures that are stolen and reused by Escort Agencies are professional photos. Unfortunately, selfies are also increasingly used for the same purposes. They are also preferred to professional photos because when customers see the word "selfies", they immediately think that it is authentic: a selfie can not be fake ... It is true, but it is often retouched (does not look very natural) and used even more than professional photos because customers are less cautious.


So how to trust an Escort Agency?

A few key tips:


* First, do your homework: choose an agency that has been on the market for a few years. It will avoid you to fall into a "Bait and Switch". And please, go for an Agency which has a website! No serious Agencies nowadays operates without a website.

A few Escort Agencies in Switzerland have built a strong reputation over the years. Inform yourself and contact them!


* Choose an Agency that gives a lot of information about its Models which helps you to make up your mind. When the descriptions are too short or nonexistent, when the photos seem blurry / unreal or do not show the face of the Model, be careful!


* Use Google Reverse Image Search. By uplaoding any image, you can quickly find out where else this photograph has been used in the internet and quickly make your own opinion…


* Get in touch via Email or phone with the agency in question. If the bookings are only possible by SMS / Whatsapp: run away!


* Make your own opinion of an Agency by trying it yourself at least three times with 3 different ladies. You will quickly be fixed on the level of the Agency in general.


* Trust word of mouth! This is much better than the comments left on a forum. If one of your friend recommends a place, this means that he was very satisfied. Don’t think twice!


At TheVelvetRooms, transparency, ethics and our reputation are very important to us. Our preference is to dedicate our time to the Gentlemen for whom quality matters over quantity.


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

*Hobbyist : A Gentleman who regularly visits Escorts

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